Can someone interpret my numbers please?

  • Soul-6


    Power Name-6

    Birth day-5

    Life Path- 33/6



    Chinese Astrology-Dragon

    I am trying to consider a career path. I need to know which career would be best for me. I've considered law school, starting a non profit organization and I really enjoy writing. Please help me narrow down the best career path. Thanks in advance! 🐵

  • Starting a non profit organization isn't a career, but a very serious life commitment. Have you considered how are you going to make a living ? What about family ? How are you going to put your children through college etc etc . Or are you already that rich ? (in that case, we must have a talk lol) Frankly, i think you should first listen to your heart and no one else. What would you REALLY like to do. Believe me, if it feels right it is right. Numerology, astrology can't really help. I'm life path 33 (whatever that means) so what ? If i think i'm special because i happen to be born on a specific date, i'm an idiot. The quality of your work whatever that may be, your integrity and the amount of happiness you can give to people around you define who you really are.

  • Thank you. I have no clues about what I REALLY want to do. There are a lot of things I would LIKE to do but I'm confused, hence my post. I've been here in L.A. for 10 years and haven't done anything, literally. That's why figuring something out is very imperative. Lol!

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