Dreams hint to the future?

  • I (February 23, 1997) usually don't dream often but when I do, they are vivid. Lately I have been dreaming about a guy (June 2, 1997) that I really like. The dreams are usually about us comforting each other.

    Maybe the dreams are hinting to the future. Dreams are also where your desires are revealed.

    Even though I don't talk to him often, some how I can sense that he hasn't been himself or that he is missing something.

    I actually look a lot into dreams and I interpret dreams for my friends.

    Do you usually have dreams that hint to the future or dreams that are mostly fantasies and desires?

  • Well I can personally say for myself that I have some dreams that hint to my great future i.e my sucess in Miami as a filmmaker and model something I feel will definetly happen but then sometimes I mistake my fantasies for the future or things I want to happen that is not good for me and this can happen frequently. For example, after 4 months I am finally close to being completly done with the breakup of my boyfriend of 1 year. It was a very painful breakup and I never got any closer but I realized sometimes you need to find closure for yourself. Sometimes I dream that he is crying or angry even when he with another girl. I even see him looking at the phone wanting to call me but doesnt want to because he has alot on his mind. A couple of times I have dreamed that me and him came across each other (it is always on a quiet night and we were the only ones out) and we couldnt help but spill our hearts out over what happened and he actually says sorry and wants to work things out again but Im being reluctant and doesnt know what to do.

    Now I feel this is a fantasy of mine because I do want him to apologize because he really did hurt me but at the same time I know its best to move on. At the same time the dreams are very frequent so I dont know what that means either.What do you think (if you want the full story of us its in my forum entitled Taurus Girl Calling Out to All Scorpios)?

  • Sometimes dreams are a hint to the future but I often (personally) believe that dreams are more subtle messengers - they give you a perspective into what your subconscious feels, wants, needs, and desires. I personally don't see dreams as fortune tellers as much as windows; they can show what is happening with you emotionally underneath it all. They can give advice or warnings.

  • Totally understandable! Great perspective-I feel the same way at times about dreams they can be fantasies of what you want, feel, and desire. But I have known some people to have dreams with subtle messages and it comes true so you'll never know whether a dream is a simple fantasy or something leading on to a situation in the future.

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