Obsessed with Pisces ex :(

  • Hi 🙂

    After almost a year of a difficult relationship, my ex ended it with me last month, which is all well and good, because he was inconsistent the whole time. The thing is, I find myself still yearning and being obsessed about him because I think he has moved on to someone else, and it's driving me nuts!!! What the hell is wrong with me?? I just wish I could forget him...I get so annoyed at myself for wasting time thinking about this, and going round and round in circles about it all! Does anyone have any tips?

    Thanks for listening ❤

    I'm female Sagittarius with Scorpio rising.

  • You know the break up was for the best therefore you should be happy that now the universe has made it possible for you to meet someone more compatible. A chance to start over. You are scared of change and of what is out there.. the unknown. That is normal we all are like that.

    Try to differentiate between your real feelings and your ego. This obsession is being nourished by your bruised ego because it is hurt that he left you.. it's upset that he was in control and your thoughts are keeping him in control. Why? Is he worth all this mental anguish? Your ego is saying "How dare he do this to ME" ... Well he did...All you can do is take the lessons you learnt with him and try to use them in your next relationship so you don't make the same mistakes again. Meaning next time when you see the ship is sinking act and be the one in control. Don't wait for them to do it. It is easier to move on that way.

    Release him, you know he was no good for you. You know you can do and will do better. So try to bring some happiness into your life with whatever makes you happy. Go out with friends more. Take up a hobby or keep busy with whatever makes you happy. Friends, hobbies, family, pets.. so many possibilities.

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  • Thank you my friend 🙂

    This is a beautifully perfect reply.

    I shall write it down and keep it near me as a reminder if I find myself spiraling down into obsessive thinking again 😄 xxx

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