Where Are All the Geminis Chatting?

  • HEY GEMINIS OUT THERE! The All Things Gemini forum has stopped dead! Here I am, a curious Scorpio in need of some insight, and you're all too flighty to stop and give some feedback! You're showing your natures Geminis! (Except for the whole "chatty" thing!) Where ARE you chatting? Are you too busy keeping those active imaginations stimulated elsewhere? Well, there is a lot of mental, intellectual and spiritual stimulation right here...

    Come on, help me out okay? I need your insight and input! Thanks...

  • Look in the "latest discussions" rather than a particular forum heading and you'll see the majority of us chat in all subjects and all headings!!!

  • Thank you! I was just trying to get your attention... LOL. Just teasing though really... I guess I thought the "All Things Gemini" forum would be where to find most of you. Do you see many Gemini men on here? (I'm the Scorpio woman involved with the Gemini man, and would love their perspective. I got one today, and it was quite positive and helpful.)

  • What would you like to discuss?

  • I've posted a few topics about being a Scorpian woman newly involved with my first Gemini man. I'm just looking for some insight into their minds and temperaments. I'm open to any type of discussions though! I've been enjoying these forums very much. I've met some very likeminded people so far. What sign are you majestictwilight?

  • I am a gemini dating a gemini its hard somedays cause hes more of the cancer side and me I am full fledge gemini were Im usually all time on go hes too controled manipulating calculating and funny me and him get a long famous just keep up try to understand the interconflict we have within ourselves we don' t mean to be late or flakey but we are some of the most hilarious poeple

  • sorry geminis are unpredictable somedays I can flip a coin say heads north tail south and if the wind blows off I go on adventure and were sensitive to our as well as everyones and i mean that we get lost easy cause of curiousity

  • Thanks so much shadowkeeper! I love the insight into you Geminis! You all do have a certain similar set of characteristics! So far he has been very reliable though. A little flighty and noncommital, but I think that is due to the pain he experienced in his last serious relationship. I hav a little boy though, and am a widow since last August, so I am looking for a commitment to both me and my son, without an exception. He seems to understand that, and is just being cautious I think. (It's only been 3 months.) He treats me real well though, and is very giving and open in the intimacy department! We are clicking in pretty much every department so far...

  • Well,

    Hold on there. You don't know me. Nothing flaky or flight about me. I am ascending in Aquarius.

    My moon is in Aquarius. I do not like surprises. I'm solid as concrete. Look under Gemini and Fidelity. Wow I was pissed! My core personality is always the same. Have his Spiritual Path done based upon his birth date. Truly, we are most like of ascending sign.

    I like chatting in Tarot and Any thing goes(Just Chat, to post or not post your picture) and Feng Shui, hell I've been in Divination ( Dark monk or similar.)

    And my only Gemini boyfriend was so predictable I knew what he was going to do before he knew what he was going to do. But since I don't like surprise that was fine. I stay on track. My motto is no fun until the job is done.

    I AM A GEMINI, fiercely LOYAL, Tolerant, and Dependable !!!!!!

    Peace and Unity

  • Thank you for your input too SekhmetGoddess! I know that there are many other influences on us besides our sun signs. I do not know what time of day my Gemini man was born. I could find out though. I need to find out my own info too! He seems reliable, but a little afraid of commitment. Now of course that could be because he's a man! (tee hee) It's only been 3 months though, so I can be patient for a lttle while! He is pretty predictable, although many men I have met are! Even my late Aquarian husband was most of the time. (Although he was quite an intellect, and extremely creative and talented too.) I am a fiercely loyal and tolerant Scorpio, and when I give, I give my all in every way. I just hate game players! I like everything to be right up front. Honest to a fault! (It gets me in trouble sometimes...)

    Peace and Joy to you...

  • Ok,

    Well, for me. If I initially I feel a lot of pressure to take a love relationship to the next level. I start to feel corned. So, let him come to you. As a Gemini I don't like when when my partner comes on to strong. But never fail to get a Gemini hooked act aloof for a day or two and see if he does not want to give you all kinds of affection. When a Gemini falls in love its pretty hard and you have to let him give his heart freely with out pressure.That's the bait.(TeHe) Then you got him lock stock a barrel so to speak if ya still wanna him. LOL

    You know just give him a little attention. Not to much. That is how you get a Gemini closer. When you don't over do it. Then your Gemini for no reason will want to give you attention. It will work.

    Peace and Unity

  • PS

    Typed interpretation of the Fool on Tarot 101. Come and check it out.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hey Sekhmet... Thanks for the tips! I can see he is like you said. My Scorpio wiles have definitely lured him into my world. He just has to get used to the idea! tee hee... I will try not to come on too strong. That is one of my traits at times. His last commitment ended badly, with her children involved. I have a son, and I know he is being guarded for that reason too. He is a good man though, and I have no doubt he is doing a lot of thinking about it. I am a very open person though, and need to know where he is at right now. I'm not pushing for anything before he is ready though. That would be a big mistake no matter what sign he is! We have such passion between us though! I just don't want that to be the only connection we have. My heart always gets involved, and although he is completely with me when we are together, when he goes back to the routines of life I feel the distance. I know that's because I'm used to the relationship I had with my late Aquarian husband. We spent all our time together, which had it's good points, and bad! I don't mind my alone time at all now.

    I found out my Ascending sign is Gemini, and my Moon sign is Libra. Interesting, to say the least. My birth chart was so accurate, it made me cry! It really helped me see who I really am, and recognize my good traits, as well as the not so good... My Gemini man doesn't know what time of day he was born, but will try to find out. I am very curious about his other influences as well.

    Thanks again...


  • Hi,


    A lot of people do not know when there born(time). If that can not be be determined just go ahead and use the date and location. If he does not know what else can you do?

    It will be good enough.

    Good Luck,

    Peace and Unity

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