Insight into relationship future - Younger Scorpio (M)/Older Gemini (F)

  • Greetings all.. I am looking for insight into a relationship I've been involved in for almost 1/2 year with a younger Scorpio man. When we first met, I had no idea there would be so much chemistry and admiration for one another, but it has since exploded (in a very good way). He is 30, I'm in my mid-40's. We've both discussed long term potential and it doesn't seem to be in the cards (so to speak) because of our age difference, but I can't help but feel that it's not an insurmountable obstacle. I do love this man and he loves me. We spend a lot of time together and our lives have become innertwined. I tried to 'break-up' with him last week after returning from a trip together because I felt like continuing on in a relationship that may go nowhere would be less painful to end now. He wouldn't have it and came in to do a rescue mission to bring me back. I guess what I would ask if for insight into this relationship. Not necessarily the potential, but insight into this connection and what it means to both of us. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... from this heart to yours.

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  • So I'm a scorpio chick(younger) who recently broke up with a Gemini man(older by only a year). he broke up with me because he was scared and had fears that we wouldn't work out for various reasons. I'm not sure if this is a Gemini trait, but do you guys analyze to the point of psyching yourselves out? I think he truly just talked himself out of our relationship by telling himself we weren't good for eachother when everything was fine between us. he said he was scared about not working out because we don't have enough in common. we did have a lot in common...but just not a certain couple of things that were HIS hobbies. though I went and supported him in what he did, he felt like it wasn't enough or something.

    for being a scorpio, I have to tell you this. We don't love easy. it takes a LOT, and i mean a LOTTTTTTT for us to trust you and open up to you. if he's opened up to you, it's because he trusts you and loves you a lot. if you want to keep him in your life I would highly suggest not two timing him or telling him you dont want him anymore. he will only chase you for a MINUTE. if you screw him over, he will leave and not want to talk to you again. if that's something you truly want, then go ahead and break up with him permanently.

    my Gemini man gave me confidence and had me open up to him in ways I never have before. he made me believe we had a future together. talked about marriage and even told me he loved me. I didn't tell him "i love you" back until about a month later. a week and a half after I told him I loved him, he broke up with me like I meant nothing. he said he still had feelings for me but doesn't want to be with me. it was hard to hear, but I have removed him completely from my life because I can't handle him saying he still has feelings for me but can't and won't be with me.

    I hope you make your decisions based on mind and heart....not just logic and thinking like Gems do...

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