Cancer man pullling away?

  • LOL!! It's a great picture!! How fitting, I've been told I'm a witchy woman, and maybe you are too!

    BTW, he's up to no good again. He's acting strange, not being as responsive. GEEEEEEZUZ!!

  • "We had a great date last night, but I hardly heard from him today 0_o"

    This is because you served your purpose. Do you think you deserve to be treated like that? You can take it one day at a time but that wont change the fact that he is not good for you and that he doesn't treat you the way you should be treated.

  • Piscesmoonshine,

    Daangala is right.

    Just like you, I went through the same thing, do you yourself a favor and move on.

    I like to call my experience a waste of time but instead I choose to look at it as an experience,

    that I will NOT be repeating again.

    Honestly, if you want to keep your sanity, he is not worth the effort waiting for, he will never change.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Hon u n i know better, just keep being the tortoise. Continue to b strong in ur faith in u n him. Dont give up especially if u feel inside ur core he is urs n u r his, the karmic bind n all.

    Ill try n spell it out.,

    if u feel sense KNOW u n him r meant, but u cannot say how n why u know u JUST KNOW, then dont give up on u n him. Dont.

    The tortoise approach got u the date didnt it? so juss continue n let whoever aint as patient as u move on to whomever n whatever.

    yes im a witch too n proud of it.

  • Daangala n piscesstar

    sounds to me, and i feel it deeply that you 2 havent healed from ur breakups at all. Ive noticed many like you advice people like me and piscesmoonshine to dump the guy we love and want.

    If this had been around 2005 i´d agree with you, but today i dont.

    I believe n i FEEEL STRONG that we when we race like a hare instead of a tortoise we selfsabotage, bc we do not respect the person of our affection at all.

    as u well know the hare races past over across through all n everything disregarding all on the path, all in head n mind is to win as fast as possible, danged be what he wants needs wishes desires dreams of whom he want to be with n so forth. its all me me me me me me

    when we are the hare we barrel over the one we want disrespecting him n in a way we disresepct ourselves.

    by it we selfsabotage n when we loose like the hare we blame all else, mainly him for being distached, stubborn, unloving , egoistic, selfabsorbed n so forth. everything we accuse him off is in fact what we are bc we was is the hare.

    NOW i and piscesmoonshine changed ourselves into the TORTOISE. Piscesmoonshine suddenly got a nice sweet fun loving date, candlelight dinner n that OUT OF THE BLUE.

    yes a great date that makes u want more, n yeah as woman we may go like little girls more i want more. BUT piscesmoonshine DIDNT mean it as "Oh EFFING EFFF how much long b4 he comes around? im so tired of this on n off thing"

    NOOO she laid WEIGHT on she had s OUT OF BLUE DATE that was MORE than she had hoped for at THIS TIME. Thats is PROGRESS. that is HOPE, that is FAITH, that is an REWARD all due to her becoming the TORTOISE respecting him and allowing him space n time to get to know eachother.

    Do u guys TRUELY think she wuld have gotten that date had she NOt become a tortoise? im CERTAIN she wouldnt-

    Further in any relationship or friendship it takes 2 to tango. and you 2, Danagal n piscesstar is STILL carrying the hare blown up in ur faces with u. U still blame the guy for what went wrong. Im not saying u are full to blame BUT i feel n sense u selfsabortaged.

    I feel it from ur words. They show hurt, unhealed issues n u still blame the guy for what mistakes u as hares made.

    i beg of u, go n get healed n dont plx dont advice tortoises to give up bc trust me, we aint a hare like you, we´re a tortoise.

    Anyhews bless u n wish u well. i sincerly hope u´ll too transform into a tortoise n leave the life as hare behind u once n for all.

    regards cwb

  • CWB,

    Just a thought, if any man is taking a long time to be in a relationship, this tells me he is shopping around with other women. I have seen this before. In my books it is B S if they need space and time and blah blah...........

    I am not upset, I am just stating what I feel.

    I will stick to my guns on what I have to say next


    If a man keeps appearing then disappearing something is wrong with that picture, and if they do this in the beginning when they are with you, they WILL DO IT AGAIN...OVER AND OVER.

    I am not asking anyone to agree, I just state what I feel.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Doeyeyedpisces,

    You have a very good point there.

    This waiting around for them on their time, taking it very very slloooowwwlllyyyyy???

    That does not make sense, how ever if ONE has the patience to wait for him, by all means go ahead, but don't complain about it!! When or if he comes around, he will only disappear again!

    When someone is going through what me and many other women have gone through with these men, I tell them to run, its so much easier, say yourself from the heart break.

    Wise words on this site October 7 2010

    Many Cancer men are romantic dreamers who look for fantasy partners, ideal people who really don't exist, so they are constantly being disappointed by real people and life.

    THEY KEEP MOVING FROM PERSON TO PERSON trying to find the perfect one.

    They are probably some of the unhappiest, loneliest and discontented people in the zodiac.

  • Update: He dumped me. Said he, "just couldn't do this. felt we should just be friends as he NEVER felt anything more for me. how he felt like he was taking advantage of me."

    Well, that is complete and utter BS because he did like me more than friends. he's just being scared little punk. i am done with cancers. they need their shells smashed to bits and their heads checked!

    anyways, that's my rant for the night, as it happened literally just hours ago. time to go cry a river and sleep. 😞

  • Oh, I just had to respond to all of your great posts since I've been out of touch. Everyone is right in their own way. I'll start by saying that yes, being the tortoise was a great move. it showed i wasnt a stage five clinger. he felt comfortable being insane with me. i coddled it and he slowly let me in to an extent.

    however, i am beginning to believe that it is true; if a man, regardless of signs, loves you or really likes you he WILL MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH to be with you. he will quickly get over his stupid little fears and take a leap of faith for you.

    this punk a s s crab did not do that for me. he flip flopped back and forth between friends, more than friends, to back to just friends. all the while wining and dining me.

    i have NEVER in my life opened up emotionally to any man (venus in aqua) but tonight after i left his place where he basically invited me over to dump me, i sent a sappy text and left a voicemail. i became the 'psycho girl who just doesnt get it'

    im ashamed, embarrassed, and angrier than ever.

    so, again i'd like to thank everyone's input. i'm learning to pick up on red flags. red flag number 1: inconsistency. he was only ever consistent at that which doesnt cut it for this pisces!

  • Oh yeah, you bet doeyedpisces!! 😄

  • Piscesmoonshine,

    Sorry to hear once again a rejection by a cancer man.

    (My Venus is in Aqua too).

    The emotions you are going through are normal, I went through that stage too.

    Don't be hard on yourself and look at it as another lesson in life.

    It truly is frustrating how these men operate.

    I waited over 2 yrs for the cancer guy I was with, was that enough time?

    He in fact during this time, he would retreat in his shell back and forth (RED FLAG)!!

    I was always told, give the poor guy time, he needs space....blah blah

    I never pushed, I never nagged him, I was very polite to him, what more could I have done?

    Then he vanishes without a word. In your case, I will give your man half a centimeter of credit, he told you face to face he wants to be friends, there fore, if anything you got closure.

    One thing I KNOW for sure, there is always other women on the side, not just a woman, but women.

    It took awhile for me to get over him, but looking back, I thank the cancer guy, HE DID ME A HUGE FAVOR BY WALKING AWAY!

    God Bless

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  • I really have no closure. He's still elusive about what changed. He lead me on for quite some time. I'm so aggravated!! There's nothing I can do. But now, I'm fearing what I've read on other threads about cancer men coming back. Oh Lord, help me!

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  • piscesmoonshine,

    Don't even go there, because right now your hurting, you may be holding onto hope for him to come back, and even if he did, would you take him back?

    He can't be trusted, he will hurt you again.

    Trust me, you will get over this, and once you do, believe me, you won't go back there again.

  • hay now girl friend! i undrstand... i understand i been in a realatioship with a cancer for about 5 months now, and at frist he was the best thing that ever happen to me. and then he flipped did a 360. but get this he still wants all the ben.. of being girlfriend boyfriend but not the title. and im pregnant with his baby and he wants me to keep it but i dont want to keep it!!! cause if he could change like over nite then he can do the same thing once the baby is born. and hes not a baby he is a 41 years old man..... personally i think male cancers r very childish people and when they get afraid they run.. like a bat out off hell!!!!!! girl friend if u r going to deal with him u have to stand frim with him and let him known how u really feel.. cause those cancer men will walk all over ya feelins if u dont... keep ya head up.....

  • Oh I have no hope for him coming back. if he does i'll come out swinging! he may be a crab, but i can be a deadly shark 😛

    I'm dreading he will come back playing his broken record of the victim role. shakes fist

    Shycat: I am truly sorry he's putting you through that. being a feminist and all i encourage you to do the best for what YOU want. if you dont feel comfortable then listen to yourself and do what you feel is best.

    Damn, i hate crabs.

  • piscesmoonshine, the moment a cancerman says he wants to be friends. back off. they are just leading you on. they are waiting for someone else to take their fancy. they lie, cheat, play act, and sell you love with all the trimmings.

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