Cancer man pullling away?

  • Hi,

    I will be short and to the point. I'm a pisces and have been seeing this cancer guy for about a month. We've known each other for several years now though. He came on really fast and intense, then said he felt he was falling for me. He went on to explain he's afraid of hurting me and him getting hurt in the process. I told him we should take things slow and he's still around, kind of.

    What should I do? Is this normal? Will he leave me altogether?


    pisces girl

  • I will be interest in what others will say. I posted about my experience with a cancer male and he said and did all of the right things and then he suddenly pulled away (stopped calling, texting, email etc.) I couldnt take the emotional rollercoster with him. I think they get in their moods or have some sort of insecurity about the relationship.

  • I'm sorry you're going through the same thing! It's so frustrating. But like you, I am eager to know what others have to say in regards to our dilemmas. Hope all is well and thank you for responding!

    Pisces girl

  • hon, he respects ur wishes. u said lets go slow, n he follows it as best he can. msyb u need to tell him u really like him n if u love him let him know. men need to know they r still needed likedn loved. in courting relationship r men no differenrt from us emotional wise. they too fear rejection. so if u can try n picture him having said what u said to him n feel the impact. once done u may get an idea of how it is 4 him. also silences is mens way to deal with things. men r cerebral not verbal as us women.

    hope this helped


  • Hi CharmedWitchBente,

    You've got a really great point there. I have been reassuring him and making more dates but he's changed.

    The night he said he was falling for me he said he didnt know if he could give me what i wanted, which was a relationship. So I'm just really confused by him. He said he'd withdraw and shut me out emotionally 😞

    This just sucks!

  • Yeah I'd say like others that he is just respecting your wishes. I'm a Pisces too and have dated/befriended/worked with a bajillion (yep, that many! 🙂 Cancers over the years, especially males. They just do stuff like that, and it leaves us scratching our heads. From my experience, if a male Cancer says he feels something, he isn't lying, because they don't really show their emotions the way we'd expect them to, if at all. Of course there are other things that affect him (moon and ascending come to mind) but overall just give him time and patience, because for as impatient as Pisceans tend to be, Cancers are the opposite because they have a very different sense of time. No doubt in my mind he still cares and means exactly what he said 🙂

  • Ill second that. One may say that cancer mens sense of time is equal to how spirit sense time. That no matter howmuch time we pisceans think has gone by weeks months years decade or 2, for cancer men n spirits its been like a day or so LOL

    my cancer men went silent for well a year n bam he mailed out of blue n it was as if a year had not gone by at all but mere a day or so. uncanny.

    now when i do catch him on the phone he is all bizz at first but when he hears its me he gets that warm caring loving tone. blowsme happy each time.

    so do as i, occupy ur time with various things so u´re kept busy n once in awhile let him know ya is still there. in my book they love that. like a secure harbour juss in case.

    best of luck to us lol

  • Hey all,

    I don't think he's respecting my wishes. He's chickening out of a relationship. I saw him last night and he again told me he was scared and just wanted to be friends. Hm, how can we just be friends when he's very intimate with me? I don't understand. When I got up to leave he acted surprised, like he didn't really want me to go. He said he wanted to, 'see where things go' between us. But like usual, he's being very quiet again.

    I'm about to jump ship!

  • Whats wrong withbeing friends first? Studies n scientists have found long time ago the relationships that started as friendship last longer than if u jump right init.

    Sweetie, what in EARTH is ur rush? Where r ya headed in such a rush?

    I know u wish it had happened the ido ring on finger honeymoon kid on way like last year BUT there is a REASON 4 it going slow.

    hon please DONT become the hare., The hare lost n was the laughing stock of its community. it NEVER lived it down that it lost to the tortoise.

    IF u want this cancer man, u NEED to BECOME n BE the tortoise. trust me THAt DOES work.


  • Me and him have been friends for several years. He came on very quickly and intense but now wants to just be friends. That confuses me.

  • Well hon there r friends n then there is friends.


    there r friends, the guys poker night, go to ball game, meet at pub for beer, superbowl friends.

    then there is friends:

    the ones he can open up to tell innermost emotions wishes dreams wants without being seen viewed gossipped as a wush.

    see the diff?

    im in the "then there is friends" catagory. n its a step toward relationship. again i remark be the tortoise.


  • You're very right. I am open to being his friend, even though I told him I wasn't comfortable with being 'just friends.' He's been holding that against me lately, but I am being honest and so is he. I just cant take his mixed signals. He says for us to be friends, then he initiates intimacy with me. When the night is over he says we can work things out, then he disappears. I don't know how much longer I can do this dance of lunacy with him!

    I will approach him as friends from now on and maintain patience, which isn't one of my best virtues!

  • Did it occur to u he may be as confused as u are?

  • Yes, I know he's very confused. Though, today he was being very attentive and told he didn't want me thinking he was running away lol. I have to give him credit for trying!

  • U obviously do like one another yet u both trip each other n urselves up. U need to consider why u do that? fear? rejection? disaster? hasn´t that all occurred already?

  • Hello,

    Update! I don't know what happened, but this little crabcake is coming on stronger than ever. He's been wanting to see me a lot more now. I think he needed time to get over his fears and realize I'm in this with him for the long haul! Patience and not pestering him has been working. I'm letting him come to me now.

  • see? rewards right there lo,k keep it up n ull walk down that uhm aisle lol heheheheheh

  • Lol, I hope so!! He's still kind of skittish though. We had a great date last night, but I hardly heard from him today 0_o

    I keep reminding myself: one. day. at. a. time.


    Theheheheheehhe hope this pix will get allowed to post if not imagine a witch on a broomstick along her black cat theheheheheeheh

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