Cancer man pullling away?

  • Wow, it looks like we're all dating the same guy. Mine did disappear a lot until one day I got fed up I told him to go to hell. I couldnt take that anymore. I told him to his face that ignoring me is not ok. We broke up for a month and he came back and havent disappeared since. It's been 5 months. He answers to every call, every text. He better cause I promised myself I would not put up with this kind of behavior. Cancers need a strong woman that wouldnt take shit from him, someone who talks back. I do tell him everytime he pisses me off, which doesn't happen very often. Just stand up for yourself, stand up to him. I always stand up for myself, and if he doesn't love me for who I am well next

    . Plenty other guys out there.

    Good luck to crab ladies

  • Yeah, I was strong. I told him what I needed and what I wouldn't tolerate. He was great for a while, and finally decided he 'never' had feelings for me. Which is stupid because a few weeks before hand he said he was scared because he had too many feelings for me. bangs head against wall

  • They do run when they get scared. Cry babies. At least yours told you why, I know a lot of crabs who disappear without a trace. I'll bet you million dollars that yours is going to come back. Just when you mI've on they pop back into your life and they win your heart and your back riding a roller coadter with him. Also they hate when you ignore them. Mine used to ignore my texts, apply the next day or sometimes no reply at all. One day he text like nothing happened, he forgot that he ignored my text just a few days before. I just told him that when you reply to my texts I'll reply to yours. I guess we're even now. He's not doing since. Ill dump his ass in a minute. I think it's rude and impolite not to answer. It only take 10 seconds to reply, but they like to come to you when they feel like it, in their on terms. Once you tolerate this kind of behavior, they will do it always cause they think it's ok since we allow it.

  • Hey Gem,

    That's what he did to me. He would ignore me, stopping acting interested unless he was excited about something and wanted to share with me. He'd take forever to respond to me. It hurt me and p.s.s.e.d. me off! I have a feeling he's going to come back too. Right now I'm currently talking to someone else and guess what? He's a cancer too!!!!! UGHHHHH

    And yes, everything is on their terms. We can't allow them to do this to us.

  • It's hard to let go too, once they pinch you there's no escape. They're like magnets you can't away from them. I'm very expressive I always tell him how he makes me feel, bad or good. I don't ignore him and I don't like to be ignored either. It's rude not to answer to a text or call, it only takes 10 seconds to respond and I think it's polite to answer no matter who it is. Just tell me that you're busy and I'll leave you alone but they operate differently.

  • They are smooth operators that malfunction at their own hands. They fall to hard, too quickly, too deeply and then bam, they're gone. I was just ranting and raving on another thread. Someone else is dealing with this same issue. They become elusive and well, run.

    I'm glad you have spoken up to him. I did too and he did what? ran.

  • Ladies, what happened to all of your cancer men? Did they have courage to contact you and come back? Are you together?

  • Kmuse,

    My ex got married a few days ago, go figure, he was cheating on her while he was me.

    Talking about doing things on their own terms, he is still going to live here one week, and the other week in the state where he works and where his bride lives. What does that tell you?

    I thought the purpose of getting married was to be together, live as a couple. I would not tolerate living apart if I got married, why get married??

    But he did me a huge favor, by marrying her.

  • my cancer guy is out of the picture. he's a scared little punk and i havent heard crap!

    piscesstar. im really sorry! thats gotta sting. if i found out my ex did something similar so soon id be so pissed. but youre right...he did you a big favor!

  • I consider myself an evolved pisces. I truly feel pisces women grow stronger and more in control of their own outcomes, personal and financial, as they mature. I have dated but never settled with a Cancer. BUT my son is one. We are very close friends. It has helped me understand the sign much better and helped me evaluate the past relationships I have had with Cancer guys.

    The best advice I can give is, even though this seems obvious for any sign, with Cancer guys it is critical for them to be mature and evolved. This can happen at many ages. Guys can say they want to date you seriously after knowing you for a while as a friend but if you have known him as a friend for a while you know more. Is he ready to consider anyone as a possible life-long partner at this point in his life?

    Plus, is he the type of Cancer that is a natural leader or the center or near-center of attention in many groups? If he is an immature Cancer with these traits, the fact that you were a friend and didn't fawn over him before made you a conquest to his ID. He may have ignored it before but if you have been a "real-friend" to him and not been one of the girls he's dated that has not challenged or questioned him you may have always been on his radar. The mere fact that you challenged him attracted him. By dating him and becoming more "agreeable" you have lost one of the main attractors he had for you. That doesn't mean you should have gone out with him and fought over every decision to keep him in the game either. If he walked away because you wanted to have more fluidity with your relationship because it evolved, all the more evidence he is not as mature as you and you should walk away.

    Plus, you probably already know how he has treated other girls he has dated. Has he acted like someone you would want to date? After reading your dialog, if he does have strong feelings for you and you think he might be someone your soul is connected to, it truly doesn't seem like he is grown up enough to know how much he is hurting you and keeping up any type of cat and mouse could produce the type of bad behavior that leaves scars on your long-term relationship chances. The kind that would have to be worked out later for forgiveness and trust.

    At any point that a man starts acting badly and treating you with disrespect (sorry to be so definite but thats what it is) you have to stop action in your head. You have to decide exactly where your desire to keep pursuing him comes from. DO YOU REALLY think he might be an important person in your life? Or has your pride been wounded or is your competitive nature kicking in? If either of these 2 are involved save yourself the drama and walk away.

    Better to set this guy aside, let him mature and get to know himself on his own time, always let him know you care but that you really do know what he's up to and you are a little past his shenanigans at this point. You never know when these guys come around and grow up. And if they ever will. Peter Pan never did. 🙂

  • Klwrpe,

    There is so much truth to what you wrote here, so very true.

    Thank you for writing this, because once again here lies the TRUTH!!

    I have learn't so much in my life these past few years, and I have to say as a PISCES woman, I have finally woken up, my reality has finally kicked in, it took a long time and a lot of hard lessons, but I am truly grateful for all the experience's I have been through because it has gotten me to where I am now.

    I know this is one sun sign Cancer, that does NOT work for me, In MY environment, I have seen many failures with people that have relationships with this sign.


  • One other thing to add to this, I thought was really funny, my ex-cancerman at the time we were dating gave me a magnet that had these words on it,



    Well, that was one time he was honest!! LOL

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