Cancer man pullling away?

  • The best way to have a crab, is boil them in a big pot of water, once cooked, put in the fridge, allow to cool down, then remove and squeeze fresh lemon all over and YUMMO!!

    That will be the only crab I will ever have.

    To all the women who have been hurt by a cancer man,

    GET YOUR POWER BACK..................

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    I forgot to mention in my last post, before you eat the crab, you need to smash the shell as hard as possible and grab that juicy white meat...... Preferably, use a hammer it works well!!

    Now you can add the lemon.....mmmmmmmmmmm

    I really like what you wrote in the above post.

    Love yourself first and stay true to what you want in your relationship....

    and remember NEVER SETTLE....NEVER EVER!!

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  • I'd go a step further and have them gouge out their own eyes with their stupid little pinchers!

    Yes, he wavered back and forth between friends and more than friends. i should have listened. but it was hard to with his tongue down my throat. that effing a$$hole!

    he even said that his emotional intimacy problems were so bad that he sees himself being 'lonely' for the rest of his life. ugh, so emo and whiny! i feel bad for the next woman he lures in. i hope she's a firey sign and lights his a$$ on fire. i hope she gives him hell.

    ah, i feel better now 😄

  • Now your talking piscesmoonshine........Woo Hoo!!

    Doesn't that feel better.

    Mine too had problems in that area.

    Girl, I know your going to be okay, you vent anytime you like.

  • Actually no, he didn't give me closure.. sometimes he just pops back in and says he loves me and misses me blabla.. but i guess i have to learn that actions speak louder than words.. Oh well.. i'd so like to see a post saying how we piscean women mess with the cancer heads 😛

  • I'd love to mess with a crab's mind. How can we do this? We are crafty lil fish you know. Let's do this!

  • Messing with a cancer's head?

    Be you, be happy, be confident, own your power.

    They will hate that. I read on another post,

    Cancer men are selfish egomaniacs who take pleasure in torturing the girls that like them, by saying something like this

    You're a wonderful girl,

    someday you'll find everything you deserve.

    What they are really saying is

    "I'm really enjoying rejecting you is feeding my ego, and I want you think about me morning, noon and night until the day you die.

    So with these words, them being miserable a****, you be the confident one, that will turn things around and if they are insecure now, lets just say we would feed their insecurities much worse.

    If they see you unhappy, they have achieved their goal.

    When I have seen the ex guy I dated (only in close car range), I put a big smile on my face and wave, I wasn't going to let him know I was miserable.

    By being confident, and showing you can live with out him, this is actually a very gentle way to get back at them, but for them, they will know they have no control over you any more.

    Beat them at their own game "GET YOUR POWER BACK".

    It will also show you are a great person and they are not deserving of you.

    It will get them thinking.

  • You're absolutely right! Living a great, happy, and healthy life is the best revenge, so to speak. Not that I want revenge on that stupid crab, but I would like him to realize his wrong doings.

    I have so much going for me in my life that I'm happy and he can't take that away. He was a thorn on my side, but it's over and done with now!

  • piscesmoonshine,

    I lost my identity when I was with this man, that was my doing, he had me chasing my tail trying to figure him out.

    its been 9 months since the split or the disappearance, what ever you call it.

    As time goes by, your energy shifts and you get to look back at the full picture when you were with him, and I can now say, I am grateful that I am not with him.

    Before I was with him, I was happy and content, when I was with him, I was miserable and stressed out, and now I am not with him, its so liberating, I am back to being me, but even better.

    On a positive note, I thank him what he did to me, because it got me to this site and I have made some wonderful friends, and also, he taught me, to take care of myself first.

    i will not allow any one to control me again, I am going to be very discerning when the next relationship comes along, I know I will be doing some major home work,

    but it will be worth it. No more door mats, but red carpet all the way........................................

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  • Always find some positive out of a lousy situation.

    You have come a long way too doey!

    Its that Italian strength in us too:)))))))

  • I can totally relate to you guys. Before he and I got involved I was happy and knew myself. When we got together I lost sleep, my identity, and most of all my self respect. Now that it's been a few days since the split I have gotten so much sleep. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    I don't have to worry: Is he going to call/text today? Is he going to disappear after this awesome date? Is he going to cancel on me like he did last time? Is he going to change his mind about us?

    I seriously went insane over him. So now I'm just like, ahhhh no more stress. I do however wonder if he will come back. I have a feeling he will. O_o

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  • No he wont leave you he will leave then come back over and over until you see that he is just sticking around it will get to the point that you dont even want him near anymore !!!

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  • Yeah, hes' still causing me pain/anger and he's not even around! Today is not so good 😞

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  • well, why cant i be stuck in denial. sooooo much easier! lol

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