Future Chance?

  • Ok Captain, I have a friend (Aug 22, 53) and I am (5, 13, 54) that I have known since childhood. Our lives have taken us in different directions.We reconnected 3 1/2 years ago. He in a difficult situation, and I seperated from my husband. We have spent many times together over this period of time. Even just listening to music or talking is enjoyable. We are on the computer alot together also. He has been burned so many times. He wondered what it would have been like had we been together.I feel we were put in each others lives at this time because we were meant to be. I know there are things he needs to do for himself first. He says things sometimes that make me wonder, and than pulls back at times. Do you think he will give us a chance? He is a good man and I want to show him the happiness that he deserves.

  • Don't know where to post this, but was wondering how long does it take to get a reply? Or am I going about this the wrong way? Can someone offer some insight? Thank you.

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  • Good morning Captain! So I guess I have to go to this site and ask the question there? I really am not getting this......

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  • Thank you. I am new to this....I posted a question to the Captain. I don't know if I did it right.....have not gotten reply yet. Am I still doing something wrong? Thank you for your help!

  • I have 30 years in relationship advice, I see both of you as having issues from your past, I would say no matter what we want at times just because you had spent time in the past there is a reason your at this point now.. My advice to you is you need a fresh new look in life and find a new start, things happen for a reason and going back in time seems right but the test of time is you both need a new out look. there is more out there then steping back in to old ways and old problems...use your heart to let you know is this is true or just a fantacy..

  • Thank you Jasman 1957 for the advice. In my heart I feel it is so natural when we are together. I know though that I have to have faith that what will be will be. Someone else told me we would be together....it just takes time. We were never together in the (past) we were both in other relationships....it is only the last three and half years that we have reconnected.

  • I truly understand, in truth when a relationship is right there is no presure and it comes naturly and your driven to betogether no matter what is going on.

  • He pulls back and forth, he says things that make me wonder.....cryptic messages ya know.....even when we are together.....so I know that I just have to put my faith in the universe. When the timing is right, he will see the light. He knows I am not like the other women he has known. He knows I would never hurt him, but I know he is gun shy and needs time for himself as a result, even though it is nice when we are together.

  • If anyone else can give me a reading or more insight into this friendship, I would greatly appreciate it.

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