Why does my girlfriend put up with me

  • well i did marry her and i do love her she is my world and why we waited so long she was not ready then now she is all mine to love she is my wife

  • thank you

  • i am ken wife i keep getting emails from a girl i gess its the one he had afair with she keeps telling me that she hates ken but she whats him back to show me she can i can i stop this girl she is a nut case i told ken he tryed to call her and put a stop to this but she had her number changes she cant stand that we are married and were haveing a baby in april an we are very happy and we turely love each orther i called the law theres not a thingi can do unless some one fear of there live if any one wants to cheat this could happen to you so think twice brfore you cheat

  • Ken and wife...yours is an unusual story. Strange that the "affair" girl is still in the picture. I'll offer my opinion, and that is if you are both sincere about keeping your relationship on a good path, then you need to keep that other girl out of the picture. If she calls, hang up. Quit reading or replying to her e-mails. Ken, do not call her even if it's just to tell her to "go away". As long as you respond to her in any way, whether positive or negative, then YOU are keeping her and her negativity in the middle of your relationship. Unless you like that sort of drama, then you need to take control of your situation and just quit letting her in.

    I wish you both good luck for your future and a healthy baby in April. Children bring great joy and great stress into a marriage. You get this other business sorted out soon, okay, so that your little one comes into a family filled with love and positive-thinking parents.

  • i just want to up date you all i have heard from her i did call the law and we have not heard a pep out of her we are very happy i love my man

  • Hi ken07.

    Congratulations. I think you have done the right thing.

    As human beings, the desires is one of the forces that we need to learn how to master. On the way, there may be done mistakes as long as the desires are not mastered. By realising the mistake, and even that you did not enjoy it (to be with the other woman), is a sign that you understand excactly that. That the thing that us humans seek is not superfiscial s ex or to please the desires (lust), but to learn how to conquer our lower forces that constantly are trying to tell us what to do. They will stop only when we stop following them.

    By telling your girlfriend, you did the right thing. It is like telling the Universe: "I have faith that it is right that I marry this girl. I have faith that you will not let anything take her from me. I have faith that she will not leave me even if she got to know what I have done." It is a leap of faith to tell the truth, even if it might put you in a bad light.

    Also, when someone truly regrets, truly wishes to let go of something, truly wishes to leave a mistake, truly wish to let go of the mistakes, then the Universe will help you get on the right track. Or, to put it this way; it will be easy for the Universe to help you then, because then you are ready to do the right thing for yourself (and your girlfriend).

    Congratulations now, for the baby and for the wedding. May you have a healthy baby and may you all trust that the Light is always with you - even if you dont believe in it.

  • hello to all i just want to up date you all i have a baby girl she came way to soon she is 4 pounds she is ok she was born 2-26-2010 2am her name is christina may she is so little the doctor said we could bring her home in to weeks as long as ever thing goes well so far so good she is eating good in fact she eats like a pig lol my wife she is doing good she is so happy i am so lucky i thank god for this he gave me a 2 chance thank you god for all of this i will never leave them i will make them happy even if it kills me that what i said to god and to you all thank you well i got to go they need me so off i go god bless you all

  • ken07>> i want to marry her if i tell her about what i did will i lose for good she is my life

    Sandran712>.I tried to answer this post.And then it hit me.... I came across a Jerry Spinger Episode and It somehow lost me.

  • Sandran712>>>Springer

  • this is for sandran712 you dont havet too be a smart ^^#&^R$%^you dont like what i said o well get over it i told my wife the turth and bye doing so it made us closer yes i did make a big mistake i will never for get it and what it could have cost me for not tell the truth look what i got a wife and a new baby i love them with all my heart i will make them happy even if it kills me ALL OF THIS FOR TELLING THE TRUTH AND LEARNING FROM THIS

  • ken07>>this is for sandran712

    Sandran712>>>For Your Information I was not being a smart a-s-s.I started to post and then the post got all chaotic and I could not follow it...Then I could not understand if I was talking to a girl or guy.You are the one that got all bent out of shape.It's not my fault I found it to have too much drama.

  • ken07>>i am ken wife

    Sandran712>.This is where I got confused.Are you ken or ken's wife?

  • LOL, I have to agree with Sandran, the posts here get very unusual and it is hard to tell who is who in it all.

    Sandran - "Springer"? Lol, you make me chuckle. I don't think it was smart a s s, just statement of what things look like. I took your point.

  • Jenever7>>Sandran - "Springer"? Lol, you make me chuckle. I don't think it was smart a s s, just statement of what things look like. I took your point.

    Sandran712>>Thanks Jen..I am glad someone seen what I saw.I started posting then if you go back to my first posting.you'll see the whole thread jumped all over the place.

  • This is an example of why I left a year ago....Too much negativity. These people were so happy with getting a second chance at love and bringing a new baby into the world and then negativity had to come in and wreak havoc on a very beautiful story. There is nothing Jerry Springer about this. The only Springer I am seeing is the judgmental morons who cant keep their nasty comments to themselves. If they didnt like the post then there are 100's of other threads to comment on or better yet start your own with your own ideas. When people open up about their lives and are seeking support why do the vultures have to come in and make everyone feel bad???? Ugh Im glad I ran across this now I remember very well the reasons I had left a year ago...I hope and pray that this cyber bullying was put to a stop....

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