Confused... reading anyone?

  • Met another guy thru a dating site...been seeing each other for about two months now...

    when we hang out, everything is fine, and we get along great.

    When we're not together, I don't hear from him or feel like he's really that into me.

    We both said we wanted to hang out and eventually have a relationship, but now he's telling me he doesn't think he can give me what I want - be committed to me or is ready for a relationship because he has school/work, and doesn't have the time...I think bad excuse.

    I'm not expecting it overnight, but just to have progress towards that.

    anyways, if someone would like to do a reading, it may help my head feel a little better.

    My DOB is 9/28/87, born in pensacola, fl

    his DOB is 2/26/89, born in joao pessoa, brazil

  • Hello Lovely,

    This man told you stright up honey how it is for him now, and schoolwork is really important to his future, so you two are not on the same page with what you want in relationships.

    You will meet another man in about 5-6 weeks or days thorugh the same site, only this time it will be more of a match for you. I feel he has some streaks of blonde in brown hair and lighter eyes. He will be a cheerful sort of guy and like sports of some kind. Cheer-up I see you smiling and happy real soon.

  • Hi

    You - 6 of cups

    he - 7 of cups

    You show - the world

    He shows - Ace of cups

    You hide -7 of coins

    He hides - Hang man

    At your feet - 7 of swords

    At his feet - Queen of coins

    In your head - Knight of coins

    Ih his head - 9 of cups

    Join - the Strength

    Separate - the hermit

    Blessing - High Priest

    Your trees - 10 of coins + Devil + Page of coins

    His trees - King of cups + 5 of cups + the sun

    Your result - 5 of swords

    His result - King of swords

    Resume - King of wands

    You think about the past conversation with this man and want to recover this relationship but your 6 of cups turns to his 7 of cups. It means that he does not keep your feeling and unfortunately does not share your love wish.

    He is 7 of cups he is not stable man and under illusion. May be there are a lot of girls are on that dating site so that he has not got any strong decision about any concrete girl now. His 7 of cups turn to your 6 of cups means that he has another business.. he is really in work now.

    You show (the world) you understand your relationship will not come back.

    He shows Ace of Cups means that he started new business or new relationship with someone else.

    You hide - 7 of coins you are waiting for his message, and worry why he delay

    He hide - Hanged man - he is flippant

    At your feet 7 of swords. His guy did not has not met your expectations.

    At his feet there is Queen of Coins - "unloved woman". He refused your attention, may be he felt sexual attitude to you but no more.

    At your head - Knight of coins, you worth for better guy you are good girl who values for something more stable than this one.

    At his head 9 of cups.... he has forgotten about his promises he gave to you.

    Everything that can join you is internet (the Strength)

    What separates you - the hermit - anyone will go your own way

    Blessing you Hight Priest - he is looking for isolation for his own affairs. You will looking for new partner.......

    Your trees 10 of coins + Devil + Page of coins - what kind of dating site you are on.... it is not suitable for you i think may be it is better for you to change the address of web site or may be try to find another way to meet the partner.

    His trees King of cups + 5 of cups + the sun - he has family problems... with one man may be with his father... this guy is disappointing his parents in something

    His result - King of swords.... I think he has a problem with law or something else... may be he is hiding from the law. May be problems with work and his boss.

    Your result 5 of swords - You should not rely on this guy, he's not yours/

    resume..... is very positive for you King of wands... you will meet new guy ... positive one.

  • thank you both of you! 🙂 very insightful

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