Blmoon....can you tell me who came to visit?

  • Who came to visit me last night? For the first time in my life (that I can remember) I felt someone on my bed last night after I went to bed. I thought I felt something like the cat trying to walk over me to his pillow last night but it stayed right behind my head on my bed/pillow area. I felt it move a few times and I started to wonder since my cat is huge and any movement on my bed and it's well defined. You know he's on the bed...finally freaked out a little I rolled over and turned on one was there that I could see. So...I got settled back in facing the direction I felt the movement and thought...if someone is me a light in my room. I saw a glint in my closet shortly after that. My room is in the back of the house and I have heavy curtains so there was no way something was shining through the window.

    Then...this other cat was really intrigued with something in the window. Turned out to be a bird flying into my window and down to the ground and back into the window. I looked at it but it walked/flew away so I figured it was fine. An hour or so later, it was back at the patio door, hopping and jumping into the window. A few minutes later, it moved to doing the same thing at the bathroom window. All windows are in the back of the house. I went out and thought...poor thing...must be injured. Couldn't find it. Then...little while later, I notice it walking along the fence in my backyard. It jumped into the neighbor's yard after that and I haven't seen it since. Just a really odd occurance in light of what happened last night.

    Any ideas??? :0)

  • Yeah somebody tell her! I want to know who it is!

  • Aunt Buck

    I was just signing off then pulled to your post---a quik answer---you will receive news soon of someone passing---the spirit is fresh---someone from the past you have a connection to but have not seen in a long while. Spirit just says--the news is on its way. BLESSINGS!

  • I just went to a funeral on Saturday for someone from my past that I haven't seen for a while. He passed on the 19th but his memorial was last Saturday.

  • AuntBuck,

    I'm sorry for your loss & I apologize for jumping in here earlier that was extremely rude of me.

    I hope your friend finds peace.

    Peace & Blessings

  • Unless something comes in the next couple days---you have your answer--just know spirit says--very fresh--a new passing. Give it a couple days. If I pick up anything new will tell you. And Kookish--you were not rude at all.

  • I'm sorry for butting in blmoon but van you give me some insight to my situation in my forum entitled Taurus Girl Calling Out To All Scorpios-even though I feel I know what is best just curious for your insight thank you so much and sorry for butting in.

  • And Aunt Buck Im sorry for your loss. I hope you ok. Sending you love hugs blessings and positive light your way. Hope you heal and feel better sorry for cutting in. 🙂

  • I will give it a couple days and see what happens. Thanks for letting me know. Kookish/ problems. Definitely not rude. Thank you for your well wishes. I have only seen him a handful of times in the last 14 years but he was always someone that I really liked. I felt like when I was at the funeral I could see him sitting next to me at the service happy with what was going on. He was glad we were there even though we hadn't seen him for a while.

  • Hi Aunt Buck, anytime a bird flys into your window it means Death, my condolences. 🙂

  • Aunt Buck--trust your gut--it sounds like that was your visiter---I was rushed when I answered but very positive it was a fresh crossing over---and assumed you had no recent funerals. I got a feeling you will get another visit. If you do just ask him 'is that you?" and he should make a sign---like a flash--a smell or even a noise. I may be getting two vibes mixed up as still picking up some kind of death news coming up--don't fear though as it is distant--may even be connected to this person--like someone wanting to talk about him.

  • OK...I did ask last night if they were still there to let me know again and I got nothing. I am trying to remain very open to whatever is there. Also, when I was thinking about this I got a "flash" of names of people that I haven't seen in 20 plus years that I was very close to. They are getting up there in age so the idea that one may have passed into inconceiveable. I have to call my mother and see if she has heard any news. In this case, I would be sad that they passed but I wouldn't be grief stricken...if you know what I mean?

  • When I say flash...I literally haven't thought about these people in a long long time so the names coming to me like that were out of left field if you know what I mean?

  • Aunt Buck--I know this has really peaked your curiosity but spirit says---it will come to you. And yes--I got that feeling to---that you'd be a bit sad---nostalgic about the person but not grief stricken---the spirit is already passed so if it was that close you'd already know. I do see a child involved so somehow there is a connection--the person crossed came with a child that they are connected to or happy to be with--could even be a young child passed in your family who welcomed them into your house. When a fresh spirit goes home to God there is a big energy review of all love exchanged--love is all that exhists and if you at some point were part of that souls love exchange in their life you will pick up their thankyou visit. This is not just in love stuff but great acts of kindness exchanges. Fresh spirits are busy comforting close loved ones---so it is unlikely they would be with you too often unless they have a thank you message to get through--a pay be they wish to give you. Say in your past you unknowingly really did a loving thing for someone--helped them see a truth--then they may visit you more often to return the favour. Be patient--all the dots will connect. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon. I will keep this in mind. No new news has come thru and I haven't talked to my mother yet, but I was out tonight with a friend and got a call from her this evening so I will have to return the call in the morning.

    I will keep you updated on this. I will admit it definitely has peaked my curiosity. It's very exciting to me that I am able to start connecting. I've always wanted to so now that it happened...I'm thrilled.

    Love and light...thank you again.

  • Blmoon...Spirit was did finally come to me tonight. This happened on April 5th. The 3rd anniversay of putting my beloved black lab down. She used to come up in the night and put her head on my pillow and snuffle in my hair. If she couldn't get my attention she would move her head on the pillow a couple times until I would acknowledge her. I had been thinking about her quite a bit as I usually do around the anniversary of her death. She also was a great companion to my kids and all kids in general. It was her nature to be protective of them so she may have stopped by to say hi before she helped another child move on??? This would also explain the loss but not the grief as it was three years ago. Fond memories.

    I haven't heard of any new deaths so far. I did contact my mom and ask her if she had heard from the couple I was thinking about and she said she hadn't but that wasn't unusual since they head to Arizona for the winter. I am thinking that maybe the fresh spirit was my friend whose funeral I attended that weekend?

    Does any of this sound right to you???

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