Finance & career reading, please. TheCaptain

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Usually, I don't want to know about finance and career reading. But, My family and I stuck.

    I'm supposed to have stable income. But it's 2 months now, I don't receive my salary.

    And my family - my parents, brothers and sister, don't have any income eventhough they have their own business.

    I have no idea why this is happening. It's true that we don't have any money at all.

    Could you please kindly let me know this rough time will be over? What we should do?

    My DOB is March 26, 1985. TayNinh - Vietnam

    Thank you very much

  • You and your family need to learn how to make and use money effectively. You need to contact a financial advisor, like your banker or a business person, to help you objectively sort out why the business is not making money and to suggest practical solutions.

    With yourself, you need to resolve your split mind over receiving money vs. doing work you love. You don't have to sacrifice your creative talents and morals for 'filthy money' in order to be prosperous. Like the artist who finally understands that in our society, business is a part of everyday life, charging fair money for your work is not giving up your morals or artistic standards. Your life is not only part mission, part passion but also and maybe very largely part business and politics. When you focus on the practical business aspect of your work as much as what you produce and your hopes and dreams, you will gain both wealth and personal satisfaction. You excel in professions that are in alignment with what you consider to be truly valuable. If your present work does not feel useful or valuable to you, then you will not generate much money from it. You do have talent with money but you must focus on ways by which you can make money on your own and be comfortable with it.

    And yet you must also not allow money concerns or worries about others' approval to sway you from achieving your highest dreams. A healthy balance must be found, one where money is simply a tool and one appropriate way for you to be rewarded for your good work. You must be given a fair wage for your efforts. Tune into your own needs and don't allow what others might think to sway you from your course. Have faith in yourself and enjoy being able to pursue your heart's desire without needing anyone's permission to do so.

    Also be careful that you have not inherited any subconscious negative ideas about money from your parents.

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