Friends Who've Done Reading for Me & Others? (BIMoon, Shuabby, WaterGirl, etc.?)

  • Hello everyone,

    Some of you have helped me with a relationship reading between myself (dob Sept. 4th, 1992) and a young man named Andrew (dob Sept. 12th, 1991). I want to thank you all and everyone else on this group who reads for others. This is a place of such warm and generous people who are willing to use their gifts to assist others - I am so thankful and fortunate to have found this group and I believe that I stumbled randomly upon it because it was time for me to start having a better life. So thank you so much to all here.

    I just believed that the thanks were in order - now the next thing...

    As most of you reading this know, my name is Pailyn (I go by my middle name "Nina") and my dob is Sept. 4th, 1992 and I was very interested in a relationship with a young man named Andrew (dob Sept. 12th, 1991). Since sometimes psychics have trouble connecting with me (perhaps it also has to do with the distance??? I do not know...), I have a habit of gathering multiple readings and then looking at what they all have in common.

    What I've found is that most of the readings either said that he was attracted to me yet afraid to approach (perhaps b/c of a fear of getting hurt or because of being intimacy-shy) or currently saw me as a child in comparison to him (one reader who brought up the "child" aspect said that he would soon see... another was doing a tarot reading that only shows what happens on my current path or in my current situation so no thoughts on whether there's a chance yet). So although some readers were intensely positive in terms of attraction and some were negative on that, they all came to one conclusion: THAT I NEED TO BE STRONG AND LIVE MY LIFE! AND STOP GIVING AWAY MY POWER TO THIS GUY!!!

    That is now what I am seeking to do. This is one of the warmest places that I have ever met and I want to ask advice on how to do this? I am trying and although I am filling myself up with hobbies and activities and feel full and happy when I'm involved in them, I am feeling full and happy while also daydreaming and thinking about him and saying prayers. I need to be strong and stop giving him all of my power because some say that that's the easiest way to move on since he's not attracted to me and some say that he IS attracted to me and that he wont' make a move unless I stop giving away my power. So either way, I do need to stop obsessing and stop giving away my power.

    I'm wondering if anyone here has any tips on how to do this? I still want to care for him yet in a way that's more distant and neutral (as in "I care about him and would love being with him, however I know that there are greater fish in the sea" - that kind of attitude). I'm being told by so many different psychics who have a different analysis that the WAY is to stop giving away my power. I'm asking for advice from the kind people here on how to do this: whether a psychic can sense a way that would work best for me personally or whether someone simply has a way that they're sure works quite well either from personal experience or from word-of-mouth.

    Thank you so much for helping me on this journey!!!


    P.S. If anyone stumbling onto this message senses something different from my situation than from what I believe to be true, please feel free to leave a message. My main goal here is to get advice on how to stop giving away my power to this guy, but if you have something to say that's not about gaining personal strength with him but related to the general situation or energy, then please, I'd love to hear it. ❤

  • It doesn't have to be a psychic - if you just have a personal experience with trying to stop feeling dependent on a guy and then succeeding, I'd like to hear your story, too!

  • There is no magic fix---it is a life long management issue--that gets easier--like anything--with practice. It is the balance between head and heart. First, just being born a woman--the missing rib thing---we are fine tuned to clinging to a man for completeness. Then it gets complicated by our childhood issues--if there was a dominance over our needs and feelings--if we were taught to follow orders no questions or flack even when we knew a better way--these issues often empty our "cup" we lose our "self"---this can multiply that neediness to live through another to feel full. The journey to come "home" to ourselves is that old cliche of "finding ones self" Digging back to who you where born. Spirit shows me the sign INTENTION" meaning you must make the effort to do things to please your spirit--find your character--your bliss--your core beliefs---and finally PURPOSE. Do this and you will attract the man you will not feel is always out of reach. Where do you start? By being busy, getting passionate about something--having goals and if you fail--not letting it diminish you but see everything as a lesson---a mistake teaches you who you are not---a wrong choice teaches you what you don't like. It's a process. Start with your bliss and follow--what gives you joy? go that direction---you will be so filled up you will not have time for distractions of the powerless kind. Spirit says---you have a high need for physical output---dance--or running. Goals are important--make list for the friddge---even the smallest things like wash and wax my car---clean my closet---etc. Cross them out as completed and hug yourself. Also spirit suggest on every months list put try something new. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BImoon,

    It's good to hear from you - I like to read over the readings you gave me about Andrew and just think about them for a little bit. I'm actually working on what you advised me to do. When I go out to exercise I make an effort to avoid him (and his house... all of that energy having to do with him over there) as much as possible and when I go on FB I don't go peeking around his page to see what he's doing. I feel a bit "cleaner" with myself spiritually, for some reason, when I do this. Just making the /decision/ to avoid him makes me feel a bit stronger.

    If after three weeks or so of doing this he approaches me, I will leave a message for you and keep you updated. If we get that far (which already seems SO unrealistic, especially since I tend to be pessimistic about my romantic chances since I've never had good experiences), I hope that I can leave messages for you once in a while asking for advice about specific steps.

    I was reading an article the other day about emotionally distant men and I feel like your reading was connected to that article in some way. I think that perhaps Andrew has an issue with emotional distance like some men do. In the article, women write about their husbands being emotionally distant and how he needs alone time and has some moments where he needs isolation and the periods come and go.

    One of the things that I'm hoping to be when I grow up is a society novelist - a writer in the society novelist genre of the literary fiction genre, to be exact. I'm hoping that my experiences in college will help me with that. I'm wondering what you see or feel when you focus on the possibilities of a fiction writing career for me? I'm also hoping to get into the culinary industry and do writing perhaps on the side (writing is so hard to be successful in so I definitely need a day job).

    What do you feel about all of these things, please?

    Thank You,


  • BImoon, I forgot to mention that I have also recently taken on a culinary internship at a local chain restaurant in my area. I hope that this helps me in my journey.



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