A reading please..

  • Don't know why we did not get a third date..communication had just stopped. We sort of had a fall out.. Any hope for reconnection? Thanks..

    Me- 8/11/66

    Him- 10/21/66

  • I see him juggling his emotions and time. Very busy with a lot of projects or Is he in a relationship with another?

    I don't sense he is ready for a commitment or serious relationship either. He wants fun with no responsibility.

  • It's long distance..(3 hours, my favorite number) yes he is busy with his new day shift job works with people, , and in service training for the public, , , I work with people.. we are both compassionate. In the same field of work, all about balancing. for him perhaps.. he is on a scale...I am not sure if he is seeing someone else, it was not really cleared what he wanted, but I think he did.. I'm some what of an empath..but not quite sure how to handle it. Some how I think I have offended him and I did not purposely mean too. He got me the impression that I should only be dating/seeing him, he didnt have to say it. ..but me having so many other relationships that have gone wrong, before him, Now I'm playing it cool.. He was coming down for the weekend the third time and then he said, "see ya! have a nice life!". Was it because he didnt like me telling people I was single on my own time and just wanting to date.. .. we just were dating got initmate only, never voiced we are exclusive.I'm not seeing anyone else still not.. why couldn't he just come out and tell me he wanted me only? So he came back down anyways and I made the same sacerfice he made, to get to this party to see him.. like hm coming to me and back home : Snow, bad roads, Dark out scary drive.. Only this time when I made the long trenchous drive he was with someone else at the party. I knew it! but who knows if the friend is just mutal and trying to make me jealous, i dunno..Hate Games! I wanted to ask him if what I was feeling about what he is feeling is true, but since he was with this other woman..I couldn't come out and ask him..He told me to call him on the computer when he goes back home. saying no, we may not be through yet. I don't wanna Do THAT! Let's talk about it behind a computer screen??!!! Argh! I had plans for awhile to be off! I Never bothered picking up the phone and he never bothered calling me. I had enough of this stuff...I'm tired. i'm a single mom that puts in 50 to 60 hour work week, I finally get a break for a social life.. keep running into the wrong guys..I thought this one was different..we blended in peacefully a perfect fit.and my work-life style, a long distance relationship will fit me. . I wrote a love letter of an apology to him, ..I dunno if I should mail it. Made me feel better after I wrote it,,Oh well my jobs are waiting for me and here comes the greens$$$

  • Why do you feel the need to apologize? You did nothing wrong.

  • This post is deleted!

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