Captain could you please do another reading for me?

  • Hi Captain , Hope you well. Captain not so long ago you did a reading for me regarding my son Wayne DOB 2/9/75. He was now arrested for 'posession of drugs 3 weeks ago and have to appear in court on the 20/4/11. I am very worried but try not to shhow it. Yes I know he is a big man but:; I need to know if all will be ok and I am working on getting him into rehab but cant do so before he has appeared in court. Ijust want to know if all will turn out ok please, I am so stressed out about this and dont want him to go to jail. He is an addict and needs help not a criminal.

    Appreciate it very much

    Thank you and God Bless

  • He is not a criminal but it might be that the shock of going to jail is what he needs to wake him up to the fact that his lifestyle is dangerous for him. Because otherwise he will just keep on using drugs until they kill him. So prepare yourself - jail may actually help your son. His court date shows that a new way of life will begin for him on that date. So either he chooses to give up drugs altogether by himself or he will have to undergo more serious life trials. He uses drugs to escape his life, but it is only temporary - the only way to improve his life permanently is for him to behave like an adult, like a real man. He must decide what he wants to do with his life and work hard to achieve it. The court's decision will be based on whether they feel that your son really wants to change and help himself. He must save himself in court by convincing them he has seen the error of his ways - he cannot pretend.. If they sense any lack of remorse or desire to change, then they will send him to jail. If he sincerely wants to be a better man, then the courts will give him a chance to prove it. But he has to really truly want it. He needs to find his reason to live.

  • Hi Captain, Thank youso much for answering me I really appreciate it. Yousay his court date shows that a new way of life will begin for him on that date? On the good side or bad? Well when they locked him up I made him stay in the cells for 4 days and that was bad, but I had to do that so he can know that prisonwill be10 times worse. And I had an ex convict have a word with him as well totell him what happens inside. He actually looks very worried so hopefully this did have an affect on him. I told him that there comes a time that my hands will be tied and can do nothing to help him. Dispite his drug use, he was never off work and no one can fault him on that and he IS a hard worker and I am not saying that as he is my son, but that is the truth.Told him now is his choice I cannot baby him here. Hopefully he HAS LEARNED HIS LESSON the 4 days he was there. So hopefully on the 20th his life will change for the better.

    Thank you again so much for your time

    God Bless

  • Let me know how it goes.

  • Hi Captain, Will do so thank you, but you did not answer my question? Maybe cos its not good? "Yousay his court date shows that a new way of life will begin for him on that date?" On the good side or bad?

  • That depends what you see as good. I tend to see it as all good even if he goes to jail - because he will be getting what he needs to change his life for the better. It's all up to your son as to what he does with his life. It could be bad if he doesn't go to jail and keeps taking drugs until he dies.

  • Hi Captain, Yes in a way I agree with you, but this is Africa? You dont know what happens in jail here. Sorry having to put it to you like this but I would NOT like him to go there he will come out MORE SCARED than now. In our jails you get more drugs inside than out! Speaking to people that have been there is an eye opener AND UNBELIEVEBLE! These people that comes out there have MORE problems (phycalogical then as well) when they come out than before and stay drug addicts inside. As they say there jail is like a school here, you learn inside about crimes and how to get away with it next time. So please may God forgive me, but then he must rather die (this is harsh I know comming from a mother) but knowing my son and the person he is without drugs - he will not be able to handle this. What I mean by good is that he should rather go to rehab for a long time and get his life in order. I have actually made an appointment with an ex convict to have a talking to him so he can see what will be waiting for him if he does not change his way of living so maby that will make him realise please God. But I do think sitting in jail for the 4 days made an impact so hopefully waht we put in his head will made him think .

    Thank you for your input as well I really appreaciate it and just wanted to know what 'you ' are seeing looking into this situation, what the outcome will be.

    Thank you again,

    God bless

  • Trust God that your son will get exactly what he needs.

    I am still getting the sense from your son though that his situation is not real to him, that he cannot believe he will go to jail, that somehow he will be saved by someone as he always has been. This is not a good way for him to think. He is not invincible or untouchable. I feel he has always been a dreamer like this and the drugs have just made him worse. He escapes the real world into fantasy which is why it may have to be a very hard reality that shakes him out of this dreamy state.

  • PS He dreams of riches without doing anything to get it. He has to get out of his head and turn his dreams into reality, and stop depending on everyone to help him and support him and get him out of trouble.

  • Hi captain ,i am worried going to jail if that might be the outcome which i hope not.

    i know i have caused alot off heartach for everybody around me ,i do care about their

    feeling i sometimes just dont have a answer why i do the drugs .i know i sometimes take things for granted and think everything will just be ok ,i sometimes find it hard to show

    emmotion or remorce for the things i do and i know deep down i am messing everything

    up in my life and thats not the root i want to take .i know i have alot to offer i just have to work

    on it .

    thanks wayne

  • Hello Captain, I made Wayne read all our threads so he can answer for himself I do not have answers, I am just the mother that will do anything for her children.

  • Wayne, what do you fear will happen if you show emotion or stop using drugs?

    I feel that the drugs are your way of escaping the things in life that you cannot handle. But there are more healthy ways of coping.

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