Levels of Realization

  • Well said! The big "whatever box"! Where I let go and put things that might get my brain going TOO much. So true---the two face aspect of awareness---it can serve or divide. It is a balance between silent knowing and the head--the intelect which can interfear with divine intervention. There is a wild uniqueness to everyone's journey--just as much as there is a universal definition. Bottom line is balance. As for teachers----it is generally true that a teacher can only take you as far as their own limmitations--but there is always that free will trump card! Some times a teacher's limmits can inspire you to leap past--as if you can see their self limmitting behaviour and vow to not do that--so in a way they have taught you something--in your choice of free will. I do believe teachers come into our lives as needed and we acept or deny them as dictated by our comfort zone if our fear rules or if we are brave we open up towards the new path. Thanks Poetica--and I'm still enjoying my Jazzercise! Dance on! BLESSINGS

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