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  • Oh my God, I just was slapped in the face by a fear greater than moving to Ireland. You advised me to observe like the hawk, from on high, and see the signs that were being set in front of me. Well I just rang my husband to ask when he was coming home (he is in his office) and he went on about all the work and that he would have to work all weekend. And I just said but that is the 4th weekend in a row and he got so narky at me. And I realised this is one of the fears that is holding me from the joy I so want - putting my foot down about the company and about the lack of relationship. I need to say no I don't want this I want my joy but I am so afraid of the consequences, it could split us up. Now this one is not an easy one. It will be painful. Oh my, how do I fight this fear? Moving to Ireland is like a walk in the park compared to this. Husband gets really angry every time I say anything, like he is doing it all for us and how ungrateful and there is no other way and best of all, well give me an alternative.

    OK I saw the sign now I have to react. Sigh.

  • Joy being a normal family life and not a single married parent one such as it has been the last 8 years. Sorry for bringing this on the original question was about my healing talents, these bring me joy and there is nothing standing in the way of that at all, I have accepted them with grace because that is how one should accept a gift of any kind.

    Yawn pensive tonight need to sleep. Marc I hope you do not beat yourself up tonight again you are too lovely a person, I hope you know that.

    xPaddi Sheelagh

  • Sorry guys to drop in, PH, I have been reading about Thoth all afternoon and the Emerald Tablets, he was from Atlantis and worshipped by the Egyptians, The Emeral Tablets were written during the Egyptian Times AMAZING! All the stuff we who are seeking and learning now all the Ancient Keys to Wisdom, wow!

    Here is a link, start from the first one.

    If they delete this , no spaces. Enjoy and all have a good weekend!

  • Thanks Poetic.

    Sheelagh, I am going to see if I can draw some more cards for you. But I do feel Antelope coming in stating you need to take action. Don't be complacent. I'll see what else the cards tell me...

  • Hawk is here again, reinforcing his earlier message of observing the obvious and keeping a Hawk-eye on your life. He was accompanied by Horse, which tells me you are to trust your power. Your gifts of compassion, loving and sharing will see you through.

    Badger is also here. His medicine is aggression. You need to be assertive, willing to fight for what you want. But think of it as more of an aggressive healing. Remember Horse's medicine of power in wisdom and compassion. Wisdom comes from walking in another person's shoes. Use your gifts to see things from everyone's point of view.

    The words on the page are jumping out at me:

    "...you have been too meek in trying to reach some goal...how long are you willing to wait for the world to deliver your silver spoon...become aggressive enough to do something about your current state of affairs...get angry in a creative way and say, 'I won't take it anymore'...follow up by keeping your eye on your goal...honor the healing process...use your anger to stop your lolling around...use your healing abilities to push ahead in life...heal yourself by aggressively removing the barriers that don't grow...keep grounded and centred in the process".

    I hope that helps Sheelagh, if there's any further insight I can give, all you need do is ask 🙂

    Love and light,


  • Thank you so much Marc, those cards are really so much more to the point and full of advice than the normal tarot cards. A bit of pruning is definitely necessary. I think I myself am standing in the way of my own joy. I tapped in to your energy field this morning and it was very peaceful I reckon you were sleeping.

    Have a great day/Mags hope you had a nice day!

    xto you both,


  • I had a good night's sleep. As I drifted off to sleep I felt a lot of various waves of energy around me. It felt good. I woke about 7.45am (GMT) but went back to sleep. I believe I journeyed though as I had a pressing question to ask. I was told to stop letting inner and outer stresses effect my life.

    I am so enjoying this spiritual growth period, even though it hurts at times 🙂

  • Hi guys hope all is well

    Love and light Mags 🙂

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