Rising signs?

  • I've just done the free cosmic profile and noticed that it says my rising sign is Leo when the reports I've purchased say my rising sign is Virgo. Which one is correct and what does the rising sign mean or add exactly?

  • If it is different, it is because you put in a different time of birth or birth city on one of the reports.

    The rising sign is determined by your birth time which differs from place to place, so both must be listed for an accurate determination of the rising sign. Also whether daylight savings time was a factor in the determination of your birth time. (Some cities do not use daylight savings time so there would be no correction needed.)

    Rising sign info from the FAQ under the about astrology tab:

    Your Rising Sign or "Ascendant" reflects that 1/12th slice of the sky that was ascending on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born, and is located on the cusp of the First House of your astrological chart. Knowing your birth time is a necessary piece of information to determine your Rising Sign.

    Your Rising Sign is an important part of your astrological chart, because it represents the way you project yourself outward, the way you're seen and perceived by the rest of the world and the general "impression" that you make on others. It is frequently the case that a person will have a Rising Sign that is entirely different from their Sun Sign, and learning about your Rising Sign, and even reading your daily horoscope for that sign, can provide greater insight into your personal astrological makeup.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for that ibelieve, I'll double check what details I've put in.. I like the sound of the Rising Sign being so personal especially since Horoscopes can be so vague. Do you know if there's a way of getting a daily Rising sign reading?

  • Nope, don't know of any, kind of wish there was. But you can look at the regular reading for the sun sign for that sign and get an indication.

    I know for myself, that the rising sign is the "other me" and since mine is rather opposite of my sun sign it can get a llitle complicated.

    But here goes.

    I'm a definitive capricorn. Everything nice and orderly, neat and tidy. Upwardly mobile, watch all my steps and be very careful. But...rising sign of Leo who just wants to break out and have fun and be in the limelight.

    So, I like costuming. I can be someone different and do things in a new charecter. It would also work well with being an actress on the side, like community theater, just so it gets out once in a while. That way I do not have to go off in the middle of a business meeting. LOL

    So anything that does not seem to match your sun sign may be an attribute of your rising sign trying to get out. It can explain most discrepancies and you can learn to utilize them both for yourself.


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