What's Going On :(

  • Hi There

    I just dont know what is going on at work. Not sure if my boss has a personal problem with me or what. Would really appreciate some insight here.


  • Hey, Mia.

    I don't do readings but I can give you advice.

    What does your boss do that makes you feel that way?

  • Dear Mia1982,

    Some time has passed since your posting, and you may already have your answers...but I went ahead and asked your angels anyway about your dilemma at work.

    They said to tell you that it's a matter of your being on a different plane than your boss. Soul plane, not airplane! You are much wiser and more in tune spiritually than your boss is. And, your "all knowingness" about many things work-related threatens your boss. So you are feeling the disagreements because of this going on.

    As you are growing and moving forward in your life, you will bump heads with others who are stagnant or regressing in theirs, due to their own life choices. Your angels say to move forward, keep your head up, do not compromise, do not "short" yourself. Stand firm in your self, and trust your own truth. Just don't brag about it. Don't make others feel poorly to build yourself up. You have enough faith in yourself without having to broadcast your triumphs. Know in your heart that all is as it should be. And trust and believe in your angels and God to know what is best for you, and help you find your way.

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

  • Hi Guys

    Sorry I just saw this! Thanks for your comments.

    Miss Beth, thanks for your guidance. My current job contract is due to end at the end of this month and I asked my boss about it but at the time she "was not sure" this was prob mid March for her it was a while away. I know she is not going to renew it, i finish up in 2 weeks time!

    She should just tell me! She just seemed evasive! grr. I feel she exlcudes me from things, probably as I am going to end soon so no point including me. She is being a b^%&^! And I really want to tell her how I feel! I just find her being unprofessional. I mean tell it to my face! 😞

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