Hi Shuabby - need your advice...

  • Hi Shuabby,

    If by any chance, you are still doing readings, could I have one on my love life and career?

    I've recently starting spending time with B, a Gemini. We enjoy each other's company and he seems like a decent man. I like him as more than a friend but I don't know what's on his mind cos i see mixed signals. I don't really know much about his past or relationship history...he's not really told me anything and I don't want to intrude by asking.

    I'm not sure if he's into me at all or if he's just lonely and needs a friend.

    I've not had luck with relationships at all though I have a lot of love to give. Not in a hurry to get married or anything, but I do need some advice on relationships and my love life.

    My DOB is 25 Oct 1979.

    Also on career...a lot of upheaval in the recent times. What am i in for this year?

  • Dear Danceur,

    This man does like you , however he does not want a committed relationship at this time. You are ready for one and I do believe now you have made up your mind to find one. If you want to just have a date than B will do that for you, however please look for another man name Jack or a J in his first name to enter your life soon, with him will come a good chance at happiness in love.

    In career I feel that you will be a luckey one in remaining employed. Even if you are laid off in one area another job will open to you within ten days. I feel you standing on stable ground in the job area.


  • Hello Shuabby,

    How are you.....wondering if you could give me a piece of advice. I was wondering if my last realtionship is worth saving....or could be saved. Should Imove on? Could you provide some insight?

  • Thank you so much Shuabby 🙂

    Really hope the employment situation works out as you said.

    Ooh tough call - on the other matter.

    Guess a lot of it depends on what i want out of this then. I don't know....

    Actually I don't feel ready for a relationship - I'm kinda scared to be honest. I've been at the receiving end of trying very hard and being let down completely.

    So I would be pensive unless the other person inspired confidence in me.

    If B showed himself to be capable of handling a relationship, certainly I would try. But as you said, a more committed connection is not what he wants.

    With all my closer friendships, I do want a genuine connection, where there's mutual interest and eagerness to learn more and learn together. Perhaps this is what you see when you said that you believe I'm ready for a committed relationship.

    He seems like a genuine person and I sense he is longing for a connection, a space to feel safe with someone and just be himself - not unlike how i feel. But I also feel that he is not quite ready to move on from something - tho he may really want to - and is still hurting emotionally somehow.

    That's the reason I was questioning if he really liked me - is it really me, or do I just fill that void and am I just an escape for him.

    I'm scared that my fondness for him will lead me to invest more in this than I should. I'm scared that this could end up as a pseudo relationship where we're sort of together, but not really, not in the way it counts. Already as it is, he has gone from being very into me, to being withdrawn, recently. Though there are external factors, I also can't help but feel he got scared of feeling close to me. And though I know I shouldn't feel too personally about it, I do.

    I don't often like people this way and for some reason, I'm very drawn to this man - even though you mentioned that may be a more compatible person J in the future. I don't know how to process that. I do want to continue getting to know him but I also don't know what i can do now - to protect myself from getting hurt.

    I feel upset that time and again, people have let me get close to them, let me feel they wanted what i wanted, and then decided they wanted something else.

  • Dear Danceur,

    I feel upset that time and again, people have let me get close to them, let me feel they wanted what i wanted, and then decided they wanted something else.

    In life we can never be sure as to what someone else'es true motives are in area's of love. When the distined person comes into your life you will no longer feel like you are on the wrong track with them, it will be a feeling of knowing that you are meant to be with him. A fulliment of your soul will happen = mind , will, emotions.

    Being drawn to a man simply may mean that you need to explore those feelings like he will with you. Sometimes a brief love affair is in your cards of life and my advice is just simply to enjoy it as much as possible and let it go when the time comes, don't hold on because by doing so you block the real love of your life from happening, no matter how long it takes.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    And almost like clockwork, he's suddenly no longer interested. It went from him wanting to spend any free time he had with me, from me being his special friend, from him texting him almost every day... to zilch.

    Not really sure what happened. He's still friendly if we happen to be in the same space, but he no longer initiates anything.

    Now i just feel weird. Because we were rather close for a few weeks - and then he went through a moody phase in which he retreated from everyone - and now he's acting as if we were never close. And I've been pretty much downgraded to one of his many casual friends.

    When I say we were close, i mean it would have looked to any casual observer that we were dating. Tho from our perspective, we were just kinda hanging out.

    I'm not sure why he's pushed me away? Did he just get bored, scared or maybe there is someone else? Are you able to tell?

    It's like he's the same person, and yet completely different - at least in the way he views and treats me.

    I know I shouldn't - but i feel kinda hurt. I rather liked spending time with him - and don't know if I can still initiate it? Or will he reject me?

    Is this what typically happens with Geminis? I don't believe I did or said anything to cramp his style. In fact, I only matched whatever he was giving out.

  • Hi Shuabby - Bump 🙂

    Is there a significant other in his life - is this why he hardly initiates interactions with me?

    Just feel sad and a bit frustrated. I wanna reanimate our friendship and I feel scared that he will reject it.

    Also the job situation is not looking very rosy and i feel very anxious. Any idea on that?

  • Bump 🙂

  • Bump, Shuabby.

    I thought he had backed off because he's attached. At least i've seen him with the same gal (not sure if they're together). But he has been friendly lately, and I appreciate that. But I don't really know what is going on with the on and off behavior. I understand he is a busy person, but blowing hot and cold is hurtful and it seems he doesn't realise.

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