Do you believe in Reincarnation?

  • Do you believe in reincarnation or rebirth? Have you ever had the feeling of “remembering” a past life? If so, share your experiences here. We’d love to hear about your thoughts on the subject!

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  • Call it what you want: but if you are fortunate enough to have watered your soul enough to exist beyond the security of you body then you will have enough essence left to continue on. We as a people alone struggle to just to feel right with our spirits>>> we are in such a battle with our own essence that we fail the challenge of keeping our souls together through life>>>with this negative output the concentration of our(positive current) energy will fade(be grounded). We cant continue on if we are tied to humanly concerns>>> we can only continue if we are willing reinvent ourselves through a fresh continuous flow of positive energy>>>that is the only current that travels to new locations>>>we are apart of a natural creation that follows the rules of universe

  • I had a regression session about 15 years ago. It was the most awesome experience in my life and it gave me insight on who I have been and how I have developed over my lifetimes. My background is art and fashion history so I was able to know what period I was in and class of person I was. In the past I was a seamstress working in a sweatshop in NY, I was a dress shop owner and a fashion designer. This session was recorded and interesting how I changed my voice during the session. In one lifetime I was an italian immigrant and I spoke italian. In this life time I have always been attracted to Italian men, food, shoes and culture. In my Alaska Native culture we believe in re-incarnation and talk about it as a matter of fact. We ask our babies, who are you? Then they start to protray signs of who they were and then we give them a name of the person who they were in a past life. I have a nephew who we believe that he was my father because of his certain habits and how he knows certain things about us. As far as I know there is no solid evidence of reincarnation but I totally believe because there are things that you just can 't explain.

  • Thats a good question that I struggle with, continuously. I am not seems plausible to me. I believe I was an american indian. I know I was much happier when I didn't make a choice between being a christian and being rather cosmic. I have never been regressed and doubt that I ever will be. I am too busy trying to find a job, my place in this world etc......Nothing is working for me, that I do know.

  • yes

  • Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

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  • Ok so I did my re-incarnation(s) report, I have been active or only learning from 325AD. A lot of my incarnations appeared during the rennaisance period and I have have been in positions of power although not always known for it. The wierdest thing is in a number of past lives I was female, beautiful to the point of sublime, very individual detatched and lonely but with a community mind I have been at war and there are a number of unresolved things in my past life. There is lots more but I am wondering is it a bit like the chicken and the egg, do my past experiences make me a piscean in this life or an I piscean now as I need to learn the lessons that a piscean faces. Makes me want to take myself aside and just ask more, who am I really?

    How many people are actually re-incarnations of identifiable people in history.

  • PiscesPiggy,

    I think that very few people were actually famous figures, it's just plain math ... even though everyone would like to think differently. I think this report is cool b/c it says what kinds of famous people were important during your past lives -- maybe I knew some of the kings, queens rather than being a king or queen.

    That's so cool that you lived in renaissance. One of my favorite periods. Mine said that I was liekly very beautiful and had lots of admirers. Too bad it didn't carry over!

  • TSluvsTarot

    Its what is on the inside that counts, the soul carries on forever and that is beautiful in thought aand mind also and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I thought I was not good looking but that does not mean you are not attractive.

    A medium told my Dad once he was one of a group of people that go through history and show up in times of great change. I am so proud to have been incarnated with him in this life time. Just wondering why we are here. I was told once I hwas here for a specific job when I wam 30, i am 38 now and think I am only just starting to do what I am here for - I have a talent for healing. It's a bugger, I wanted something like telekinesis, but I would not change for the world now.

  • hi! i was wondering, did u take the A.T. MANN ASTROLOGY REINCARNATION REPORT to help u kind of understand who u were before u were u?

    I want to know my past too; by the way u described ur past life, it seems u know alot of details, as who u were, ur occupation and etc. I wish this report would give us that, that way, it'll make people life so much easier.

  • Aquatitans, I am not sure who you are asking but I had a regression session with a reader. It was like watching a movie going through time and watching myself in different situations and with people who I know today. It was interesting in my past lives I could not have a baby and in this life time it's the same.

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