LoaP: Tarot/Medicine Cards experiment

  • Hey LoaP,

    I just had a thought, well two actually. I am on a roll today 😉

    Do you think the Celtic Cross (10 card) spread will work with the Medicine Cards? I'm thinking of giving it a try, see what the cards can tell me about my life in general at present. Do you want to do a Tarot spread for me as well, so we can compare notes?

    Then we'll do you.

    I'm not sure what to expect to be honest since we'll probably end up doing the reading at different times thus getting a different "snapshot" lol. But what do you think?

    I'll wait for your reply before I do anything. Besides I still have to learn the spread 🙂

  • Well I used the spread for someone I know having relationship troubles with his wife. Some of it made sense, the rest didn't. I don't feel I have a deep enough connection with the cards yet.

    I am really drawn to this spread though, so I will keep working with the animal cards. Though I was also drawn to buying the Dragon tarot deck on tarot.com yesterday. That's a first...

  • Hi Marc ,

    I dont see why the celtic cross spread wouldnt work with the animal cards like i suggested with the pathways spread for tarot i just did a celtic cross spread for RC a few weeks ago and found i was struggling with it only because of the time factor and not being able to focus and analyse the cards properly as the only time i get peace to think is later in the evenings when the kids are in bed and by that time im usually zonked out but im willing to give it a try again it might take me more than a few days is that ok ? its up to you i will wait for you answer and do you have a particular question you want to ask or just a random reading? ive found that it makes more sense to me if you ask a question but its up to you . Ive never heard of the dragon deck sounds interesting i have many decks that my uncle has bought me some havent even been used i have a feeling my daughter will benefit from those she watches me do readings with great interest i would love to teach her when i know more , i wish i had gotten into it when i was heaps younger . I have the native american indian deck and also another deck that has just animals in it im not sure what it is called will have to go and fish them out as i have them all stored away so my little one wouldnt get into them .

    Anyway im very happy to do your experiement it will be intersting to see the outcome i will wait your answer on the time it will take me to do the celtic cross spread .

    love and light Loap:0)

  • Hello Mags,

    I'm really feeling low on energy now, it may be wise to wait a few days as you suggest. I am interested in seeing/learning more about those Native American Indian and Animal decks though 🙂

    Love and light,


  • Hi Marc im sorry to hear that your energy is low i hope you feel better soon just say the word and il get started the native american indian cards are a tarot deck i know that for sure but the others im not sure about il have a rake through and get back to you soon

    sending you love and light Take care Mags xx

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