Energy Issues

  • I went to a funeral today, and man, can I feel the effects of the energy there. Of course the family has the right to their emotions and all, I just wasn't prepared for the impact it would have on me. Physical, much more than emotional. I can understand the feeling out of it, and even my cold coming back. What I don't understand is why talking is exhausting. Trying to speak more than a whisper is difficult, and when I manage it I feel like I've just sprinted the 100 yard dash. What's going on and is there any way to fix it?

    Thank you and blessings


  • Hey LB,

    I have to say im not an empath or anything like that but after i read your post i was so drained and exhausted, i know this is going to sound silly but are you a having problems with your ears at the moment ? as im typing im feeling movement in my right ear . im no expert or anything like that i do send healing energy with colours . Would you say that you are an empath? well you could have picked up someones energy at the funeral but to me it feels as if you are run down so i pray that you are not coming down with something as you mentioned your cold was coming back . I hope that someone on the forums will be able to shed more light on this for you .

    Take care Love and Light LOAP:)

  • HI LB

    Its me again just wanted to tell you that after i sent my last post to you i have had what feels like a migraine on the right hand side of my head i know that sounds weird as ive never experienced this b4 whatever it is its only on the right hand side is this making any sense to you?

  • Hi LB,

    As the energy was so strong and nearly knocked me out as well ive surrounded us both in whitelight and prayed to Archangel Rapheal for healing and protection i was wondering did the person who died suffer with migraines?as when im typing my head is starting to hurt again .

  • Yes I have that too when I go to funerals and the like, tehy are just completely draining, I think it is the trying to be kind and compassionate and caring when al you want to do is throw yourself in a corner and cry

  • Ground yourself, drink something hot and eat some fruit. Mother Earth has an abundance of energy waiting for you, to recharge you. This may sound odd, but meditate on Skunk to balance your energy and control any "leaks". And meditate on Armadillo to reinforce your boundaries.

    A good exercise is to draw a circle on a piece of paper and within the circle write down everything you want to experience in your life. Outside the circle write down everything you want to experience BY INVITE only.

    This creates or reinforces your personal medicine shield. Be aware that the full moon heightens all emotions as well so plan accordingly.

    Love and light,


  • angel hugs

    PisceanHealer, does this gounding with these animals apply for all people or is this particular one for LittleBuhdaa?


  • Hello Julianna,

    All people that feel a resonance with them. I've had a few encounters with Armadillo in my cards recently actually.

    Love and light to you my friend,


  • Mags (LOAP) was having a really bad reaction to this post so I was wondering Little BUddha if you suffer from migrane, have chest problems like asthma or if you are a smoker. She picked up some really bad energy and was wondering where it came from, she was sick for a whole afternoon from it, she is too afraid to open thread again in case it returns.

    So LB are you okay? Or was it from the person whose funeral you were at? This is what she would like to know.



  • And when I read it this afternoon and now I get a really sore right ear too.

  • I have to apologize. What I was feeling yesterday and still some today was incredibly intense. Yes, my cold is making it difficult to breathe, affecting my throat, and ears, head cold feelings. It's actually my left ear bothering me. I'd say that I'm sensitive, not quite psychic or anything like that. But I do pick up on things. Today I bought some quartz, citrine, hematite and amethyst. I would have replied yesterday but I decided to crawl into bed and sleep. Today I was feeling better, but may have over did it on my adventure to Virginia City, where I happened to find a crystals shop.

    Thank you for all your help. I'm not terribly familiar with animals, I'd like to learn more.

    I can share with you, and maybe this will help make sense of it all, the funeral was for someone who committed suicide by hanging himself. It sounds like (now I can see it) that maybe that's what we're picking up on? The difficulty breathing, the migraine...hmmmm...

    I'll pray for you too, Mags (if I may) and Paddi. I am so sorry this energy went to you too, light love and healing to you!!

    I AM the presence claiming healing for us all!

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