Spiritual Boot Camp - Part Two

  • Captain, I have a something I am wondering about after todday, whoch was a truly inspiring day. I fell asleep after getting back from a field trip with my daughter. It was a nap, and I wasn't sleeping very soundly at all, as I was bothered by the temp in the room, and the tv, I realized I had began to dream regardless of not being in a deep sleep. I felt entranced, I dreamt I had this overwhelming love come over me for my children, and I was hugging them and couldn't stop, I just felt so happy and in love with my kids, as if I stopped and remembered this amazing feeling through all the day to day stuff and general kaos of being a mom, then I woke up and felt anxious for soem reason. I got up, checked my phone and dialed the number back that saw, even though I ddn't reconize it, I felt compelled too. It turned out to be a friend who I hadn't spoke to much, but I knew he had lost his preteen child a couple weeks ago to cancer. I sent him messages and finally heard back, he said things were tough and he was feeling very rough. She actually lived with the parents of her deceased mother, but he was still tormented by the loss. A relatives child had brought home a flyer for a donation campaign for another small child that has the exact same thing his child did, he said he finally got up out of bed and went out passing those flyers out all day and collecting the donations, he came over , we added our donation and cried and talked with him. The last thing he said before he left to get back to his mission was "all I can say is hug your children all the time". I then remembered my dream earlier. When I first woke up I thought it was a pts induced panic attack in my sleep from all the stress of my currant dealings with my ex, but after that I didn't think so anymore. I am wondering if this was anxiety or if I caught his emotions before he arrived here somehow? Just how much of a sponge or an empath am I? This isn't the first time its happend, the other times just different details. I'm trying to learn more about myself through all of these things, was that an empathic moment? or something else? I also had nto been very brave with driving farther latley, had not pushed out of my comfort zone, but after our visit, I thought if he can be brave, go out and channel his pain now into something postive for another child with the disease, then I can drive 20 miles, and I did, I don't know how , but I finally did. God Bless that precious child for sending her him a purpose today from Heavens, I truly believe she did, and sparked a healing a lot of others:)

  • I hope some of that made sense,sorry my typos, I'm soo tired today

  • Bluecat, what a beautiful experience! You saw today how we are all one, how what happens to one person affects us all in some way, that we are all in this together. That is truly the circle of life. When we dream, we are very open psychically and you picked up your friend's distress, a sign of your sensitivity. Andd how great you must feel after bravely going for such a long drive! Truly you can believe you can do anything now.

  • Something tells me that this thread is due for a third part soon. Just a hunch.

    I don't know how long it's been this time - but I am noticing a stark comparison to make. Most of my personal relationships follow the same pattern as my posting habits here. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but nobody's too surprised if I vanish for a month or two and then show up for whatever gathering is happening as though hardly an hour had passed. I'm not really sure whether that's a good or bad thing.

    The last couple of weeks have been... topsy-turvy. While there usually isn't really anything noteworthy in a time period like that, I swear I've had about a year's worth of events happen in one go. Albeit that most a fairly stock standard and rather bland to hear about, ("Ohhh! Hey! I just put a dollar in the poker machine and took out $500! Yeaaaaahhh!" and in the same day, to a friend, "Oh, come on! How many times have I nearly died today? No falling brick, cork firing like a cannon from a wine bottle, spider bite, electric wiring or drunken idiot driving up onto the footpath is gonna' get me down! Now maybe you'll start believe the rumours about me sleeping with Lady Luck, huh?") there are one or two things that have me perplexed, not that it's very hard to do that.

    The one thing that really has me in a boggled expression is that while I was serving at a wine tasting show, a girl asked me out. No, I didn't ask her. She asked me. That in itself is an alien concept - let alone meeting someone else as flippantly-minded as I am - OR with my sense of humour (Oh, the downside is that she comes from a family that supports each other with love and kindness. This, also, is very, very, disturbing. To me, at least!)! She.. so far isn't honestly what I was expecting from anyone at all, which has my curiosity sparked. What's more, she's younger than I am! I haven't been interested in ANYONE within two years of being my senior in... well, ever! Romantically or otherwise. Perhaps this isn't the right thread, but hey, while I'm here, would I be able to ask for a read, Captain? They're always fun and dependable for a chuckle. Scaring-ly accurate, too

    19/9/1991 is myself as always! I thought it might have changed at some point, but nope! And hers is 13/6/1993.

    And onto the really dumpy part I wish I could just scrunch up into a ball and shove it... My mother cannot be dissuaded from the idea of opening a business. Which she has proven of being incapable of managing properly in the past... and, knowing this, continuously tries to badger me into taking a management position for this idea. Yep. We're feuding over a bloody conceptual idea that she isn't even sure about. She doesn't have the money to do anything - so she'll borrow it from her friends. She doesn't actually know the town at all (Being target demographics, populated districts (Of which it's short: There's one main street. That's it. Any shops that aren't set up on that street start hitting trouble from the word go. But of course this doesn't matter - why not set it up in the middle of nowhere anybody would be expecting, in the worst possible position that can't be advertised and offering services that only a few obscure people would need?) etc.), and it's, for some reason, for me.

    Now, for me it may be, but I sincerely believe that it's a headache pill. No placebo effect needed here. In fact, no swallowing of a pill needed, either. But the only cure for it is the caveman's way of curing a headache: Remove the head, and there won't be a head to ache! Ha! Ha! I'm at my wit's end trying to find a way to tell her, "No. I'm not interested. I don't care how much trouble or how many problems I have. I don't want to be a goram business manager, so I won't be one! You're not helping me by doing this; you're just really p***ing me off by trying to say it is. Why the Hell would I want to manage anything? I don't need that stress. Let alone with you - and how often have we already argued about how you do things now?"

  • Thank you Captian despite the circumstances and the pain, I did feel this was a beautiful experiance, smiles through tears for a change:) I have wondered how I manage to pick up others emotions in my sleep, I've done it from down the street before as well, with my neighbor, I woke up knowing she was in distress the night before, but I wasn't prepared for as much detail that had actually come through, its happens when their is emotion involved and only if its a heavy amount of emotion, I never know when it will occur, I wonder if its a gift? or why it happens? theres been times I've tried to block it out when the emotions got to heavy or painful, but I'm wondering if I should embrace it? Try to work with it? I am amazed that his healing process affected mine as well is such a positive way.

  • Kusumura, I think you just have to accept that your mother is not one who learns from good advice or common sense but from bitter experience. Let her go ahead with her plans - maybe she does the opposite of what you and anyone else advises just to be contrary or independent. I doubt her plans will ever come to fruition but just allow her to learn the hard way. She will not believe (or let herself believe) she can fail unless she experiences it first hand.

    I think it's good that you have met someone unexpected who is not part of the conscious or subconscious agenda for a partner that we all have. It means you are opening yourself up to more possibilities and opportunities in love and life. That's a good thing, a growth thing. I can feel the changes in you for the better already. Keep on not expecting good things to happen in the usual way! And bear in mind that biological age is just a number - perhaps it was maturity or guidance you were seeking in these former older partners (aka substitute parents). I've known younger people who are mature beyond their years. It is a sign of your evolution that you are attracting non-parental figures now.

    You and your new friend: this easygoing relationship is likely to feature serendipitous occurrences that charm and delight you both. Just such an occurrence in fact probably brought the two of you together in the first place. Psychic or electric connections are likely to emerge between you - each of you may know what the other is thinking and can anticipate each other's actions before they happen. A seeker in search of beauty, your new friend can quickly turn her sights from that distant mountain to you, whom she finds most attractive and who is similarly preoccupied with beauty in its many forms. Before you know it, the two of you are engaged in conversation and a new relationship is born. A romantic relationship here will have a feeling of destiny about it, as if it were meant to be. The upside here is that the relationship can run perfectly well by itself, without interference. The downside is a tendency to drift or stagnate, with neither of you having the willpower to do anything about it. This curious malaise may have to be cured by a good healthy kick in the pants from fate, often in the form of a somewhat threatening situation that demands prompt action. Such disturbing events can occur with some frequency here, but their revival of a sleeping or dormant relationship is necessary from time to time. Circumvent their need to occur by moving things forward yourselves and giving more form, direction and indeed reality to your relationship. Marriage here can last for years with both of you more or less devoted to each other. Your common love of beauty, and for both the natural (more your friend) and artificial (more you) worlds will be reflected in the good taste of your home together. Sharing and seeking to reconcile these interests can be highly fulfilling for the both of you. Kusumura, your possessiveness may lead to frustration and insecurity over what you see as an inability to get a firm grip on your independent partner, who meanwhile may actually be perfectly happy with your love and the relationship. If you both can try to exert more willpower, control any claiming impulses (you know I'm talking to you here, K), and bring your two different yet similar worlds together, this can be a great and enduring relationship.

  • Bluecat, the reason for you having psychic visions when you are asleep is simply relaxation. Our psychic ability never turns off but it can be turned down by stress, fear, anxiety, any negative emotion in fact. You can be just as psychic awake if you learn to relax and trust life more. It can work very well for you and for everyone around you.

  • Kusumura is right, we need another thread as this one has gotten a bit too long once again. From now on, we'll continue this discussion here: http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=15928&replies=1#post-242816

  • Thank you Captain:)

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