Shoutout to a reader!!!??

  • Thank you for not minding me posting on your thread ScorpVirgo, a bit naughty of me!!

    I too have ignored them as much as possible in past....but I'm afraid I reacted to this one cos they were so blatent with the user name they have used this time.......but now I got it off my chest I feel better....LOL

    much love back to you ScorpVirgo 🙂

  • Hi SV,

    awww..warm cuddles for you. I am kinda ok. Lots going on around me. I was waving at you in Katie's thread the other day. 🙂 If you don't mind I would rather keep in touch in that thread. Then you won't be that alone when I don't have time to post.

    I just want to clear something up. I was researching something and that's why I was on the forum and saw you two writing. I only came back this time around because I knew I responded to you two.

    But cheer up SV you will be fine. See you in Katie's thread.

    mwuah Flow.

  • All,

    I need your help. I use my work e-mail address to communicate with everyone. on MS Outlook, it saves all e-mails you send to a person's address so you don't have to type it in everytime.

    well I was trying to send a report to a director at work but he has the same name as my ex and I accidentally sent the e-mail to my ex Gemini instead. I immediately sent another e-mail for my Gem to ignore the report and that I was sorry. then I also told him that I hope he was doing well. he responded, and now we've exchanged about 4 e-mails back and forth. this is totally pulling at my heart strings. I don't want to start something up again only to get false hope, but I also don't know how to resist talking to him. I went on for a month with no communication with my Gem. it's funny how we're both talking like nothing went wrong and no time has passed. what should I do? my heart is beating fast and I'm scared.

    anyone have any insight??

  • I consulted the cards and the answer is "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    If your heart is beating fast then your higher self is trying to tell you that you are headed in the wrong direction. He did not contact you - you contacted him. Not only that, you haven't even confronted him about what happened between you - how he treated you. You haven't brought it up because you're afraid to and he hasn't brought it up because he is hoping he can just manipulate you once again. He is out to no good...this is about promiscuity, taking advantage and getting what he wants. If you insist on hoping that this romance can be rekindled, then at least be the strong adult woman you are and TALK TO HIM ABOUT HOW HE TREATED YOU and be very clear on what you expect from him. Seriously, nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing - will change or be different if you just sweep it under the rug.

    Be STRONG,


  • And get him off your work email address - work emails are not private they are the property of the company you work for!


  • Watergirl, oh thank you so much for your insight! the thing is, we had a messy breakup. we still both have feelings for each other. I've told him plenty of times how hurt I was, how bad this sucks and how much crap I've gone though with this break up. I actually think I told him SO MUCH that I pushed him away and we didn't communicate for so long. but he feels like this is something he needed to do because he was insecure about our relationship and how strong we were to last in the future. one of the last things he said to me before I stopped talking to him for a month was "breakups are hard, especially when both people still have feelings for eachother. I'm sorry if I strung you along, I guess I was trying to be selfish with keeping you in my life because I miss you. I know I should have talked to you about it. I'm just so uncertain". I confuses me how he still has feelings for me, but doesn't want to be with me. I don't think he's dating anyone else either...but I could be wrong.

  • thanks Paddifluff. I know, I just find it kind of boring/too much work to keep up with a personal and work e-mail. it's much easier when I sit in front of a computer all day and my Outlook is open, lol!

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  • Sweetie,

    The "Nooooooo!" was a message from your spirit guides, not my opinion 🙂 Also, have you ever read the book or seen the movie "He's Just Not That Into You"?? Sometimes when guys aren't total jerks and actually have some feelings (lol) they will let someone down easy so as not to bluntly tell a girl who obviously cares so much about him that he just doesn't love her. If he did love you, he wouldn't be confused by it. He never would have left you. He would be with you. You two broke up because you were in love and he wasn't and he knew you needed more from him - or were asking for more than he was prepared to give. Nothing has changed. If he did have some sort of epiphany that, yes - you are the woman for him....HE WOULD HAVE CALLED YOU. This whole scenario started because of a freudian slip email! Please LOVE YOURSELF and stop texting him. If you stop texting and he continues to initiate contact then ASK HIM if he is now ready to be in a committed relationship and to say that he loves you. You will get your answer quickly but what he says or doesn't say or by the awkward silence, pregnant pause or stammering that ensues...



  • SV - I am good. Still with cancer guy J. I am so sorry your breakup has been so hard on you!! All my best to you dear!

  • thanks watergirl.

  • SV - Do NOT settle!!! You deserve the best!!

  • thanks T7. I know, but it's just hard. 🙂

  • SV- I know it is. I do. I settled for 20 was a big mistake.

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