Shoutout to a reader!!!??

  • hello all, I'm looking for a love reading for me for the next 2-5 years. BOD 11.02.1983

    I just recently broke up with a Gemini man, BOD 05.21.1982, and we were in a committed relationship. I'm really upset about it, but I understand he fell out of love. he was perfectly fine one day, and the next just up and left me. I'm not sure if he'll come back, but I have been wondering why it is that I cannot hold down a good solid relationship for very long.

    Shuabby was very gracious in giving me a reading, but I'm not sure she saw my questions and I know she's super busy. I'm not mad, nor am I trying to make her feel bad about not answering. I know she's got a life outside of the threads and I truly appreciate the reading she did for me. she's so wonderful! I'm just trying to see if I could maybe get some more insight?

    Please let me know if any of you can help! 🙂

    thank you so much!!!

  • It seems as though you keep choosing men who demoralize you in some way and then you blame yourself for it. You have issues of self-confidence and of asserting yourself in relationships - you fear that if you assert yourself that people will get angry with you and/or leave you. So what if they do? That is far better than remaining in a relationship that is not right for you or allowing others to walk all over you. Once you come to understand that standing up for yourself is part of self-love, then you will attract a different type of you can build a life with.

  • I also have to say that I am getting a really strong vibe that your love life is and will continue to be stagnant because you are still hanging on to the "idea" of someone else. Whoever it was, you need to realize that it is over and move on. The longer you hang on to the hopes of this guy returning, the longer it will take for someone else to show up in your life. Release the past so you can reach out to your future! You will need to give yourself some healing time, but the sooner you start the process, the sooner you will get through it...

  • wow, thank you so much watergirl18! I dont understand why I keep choosing these men. I really dont think I intentionally do it. I know I have a lot of self-confidence issues and I'm quite insecure on the inside, but I portray myself on the outside as a strong and independent woman. I dont know what kind of vibes I'm sending out except for ones that I hope are good. I do have some issues with the guy leaving me, because I've never had one who wanted to stay. every guy who I've been with didn't want to be with me for very long. I don't know how to get over that or get more confidence in myself to stand up for myself. I tried doing that with my Gemini and he left me. it just makes me feel really rejected, I guess.

    I am still trying to get over my breakup with my Gemini. he talked about our future and marriage and he made it seem like we were going to have a life together. it's really hard for me usually to get over a guy, but he just promised me so much that it hurts. I guess if I had some sort of notion on whether or not he was going to come back, it would help me. so I guess there's no hope for us then?

    I'm slowly trying to heal and I'm trying to get back out there so I can open myself up to someone else. I guess the only person who's holding me back is me.

    I just wish I knew exactly what to do to make myself feel confident even when I'm insecure.

  • Hi hun,

    No, there is no future with the Gemini man. As far as building your self-confidence, if you really don't know where the issue stems from I suggest taking some time for yourself to think about it. Start with your childhood and relationship with your parents. Also look to all of your previous relationships. You are the common denomenator so there will be clues or repeating patterns there. And, if all else fails, my suggestion is to "fake it til you make it." Which means, act/behave as a truly self-confident woman would. Ask yourself in any situation, "what would a confident woman who loves herself do in this situation?" and then do it!



  • thanks watergirl. GOSH I wish I knew why he broke up with me out of no where. he claimed he still loved me when he broke up with me. he said he was scared about how much we had in common and how much we could hold our relationship with not having too much in common. it's just frustrating. and it's hurting me a LOT.

    the whole "fake it till you make it" is the philisophy that I follow daily. I'm only insecure on the inside. I don't show off that I'm insecure in any way. my Gemini man even thought I was pretty strong and independent until I finally fell for him and he knew he had me in his hold. when he broke up with me is when my insecurity reallllyyyy came out. ugh...

    the only thing I can think of is when things start going down south in a relationship, I try SUPER hard to keep the relationship. I don't know why I feel like it's necessary to keep a relationship where I'm demoralized, but I do. My Gemini never treated me badly though...I'm a little confused by that...

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  • SV - just wanted to say hey girl!! And I wish you well!! may you find a love that is out of this world!


  • HEY Taurus7!! how are you? how's everything going??

  • if anyone else is able to give any insight, it would be greatly appreciate as well 🙂

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  • You just need to raise your vibrations, my dear. When we cling to the idea of a person or relationship that is over we are operating out of a place of neediness. This "need" stems from fear. The fact of the matter is that whatever his "reasons" were for leaving are not relevant for you at this time - it's really just a way for you to keep clinging to him. What you should focus on is what you learned from the experience as well as what it is you fear. Is the fear that you are not good enough and you will not find someone else? You WILL find someone else. You ARE worthy of love. Changing your thoughts is the first step. The "fake it till you make it" is about starting my changing your thoughts and putting those thoughts into action whether you believe them yet or not. The action helps you in making the shift. It is not about putting up a front for other people or about false strength. False strength will show up as trying to overpower or control people. True strength is a calm and centered inner knowing/confidence. So what I meant was to change the thought in your head ie "I am not good enough for someone to love me" to "I am enough and worthy of love." Then ask yourself "what would a woman who knows her self-worth do in this situation?" and then do it. A woman who knows her self-worth will not cling to a man who has left her - regardless of his reasons. She will understand that there was a lesson to be learned from the experience - and that his issues are not hers - and then move on with the inner knowing/confidence that there is indeed someone better out there for her. A woman who knows her self-worth does not give her power away! Even when you're just "faking" it you will start to raise your vibrations. It is the same premise as repeating affirmations....



  • Hello Watergirl,

    Your "fake it until you make it" advice above is so true! I found myself in a similar situation in the recent past as well. I am doing so much better now and have looked deep within myself for answers. Every day you build upon your strength and self-love, and suddenly, you look up and you've made it. So thanks again for the reminder above and advice.

    Are you able to provide a love reading for me? Thanks, Joe

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sure Joe - Is there someone in particular you are involved with or interested in or are you just looking for future opportunities?

  • I have 30 years of advise for you, no matter the man, we all see ourself as strong or weak. When we meet a love interest, theother can see through us in time. and in time what we thing is hidden will come out. Honsety is the only way to make and build a strong relationship. Communication is the key element to building a bridge to each others heart strings.. When you meet the right person you can be yourself and feel secure the person is in to you as much as your in to him.. Stop hidding and find a lasting relationship as well take you time to as as many questions before leting your heart fall to soon...

  • Thanks so much watergirl.....I am looking for future opportunities in lasting love.

  • My dear SV,

    I am not going to add no advice here because watergirl and Jasman answered your question perfectly.

    Trust yourself my tender butterfly.


  • I'm sorry for coming on to your thread with this ScorpVirgo please forgive me, but I just felt the need to point out about the disgusting post from the regular scamer who uses multiple names on the forums, whats angered me most about this one is the blatent sick way they are trying to trick people now by using the name "theCptain" AWFUL is that!! trying to scam people to go on their site by using our regular forum poster "theCaptain" really makes me sick!....I've lost count of how many time in the past I have reported this person, and I have just so again!.....but they just keep getting away with, I find this strange how they manage to keep creating different accounts??????

  • thank you EVERYONE for all this support. I'm truly overwhelmed by you guys and your amazing ways to pick me up when I've fallen! I'm just truly sad that it didn't work out between my Gemini guy and I. we had a lot of potential...but it was just that, potential. he didn't want it to work, so it's not. I have to look at myself and see the inner strength and get myself back up. if he comes back I'm not sure what to do, but according to watergirl, he won't. he's got a lot of demons to work on himself anyways, I guess. I miss him a lot and I miss how we were. He gave me a lot of hope in our relationship for a future and I guess that's why I fell so hard. I have my down days(like ysterday and today), but I have to slowly get better and I know this.

    I got back onto the dating site and have a few new prospects. let's see where this takes me. I guess I just have to keep working on MYSELF and my LIFE. I need to heal and get back out there, so I have.

    I love everyone here for the support and I truly appreciate everything you do on here, no matter how long I've known you or whether you're a reader or not.

    Flow, I'm glad you're back. I breathed a slight sigh of relief when I saw your post. Love you tons, and miss you LOTS!! hope all is well with you. if possible, maybe we can start a new thread just to talk to eachother?

    Healingways, I'm a little annoyed by it as well, but I just ignore it because it doesn't mean much to me anyway. I know it's a scam and it keeps popping up everywhere so I just ignore the poster and the post! LOL! thank you for your input though! loves! 🙂

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