Need help, possible job transfer

  • My boss just informed me today that the second store that I manage will be closing in July and I will no longer have a job. (My 1st store closes this month!) However I have worked very hard since I have worked for them (16 months) and they would like for me to move 370 miles north to Maryland and take over three stores there come mid June. My question is should I go?

    My kids would love to go and I feel this would be a new and great start for them. I am just wondering if it is the right thing for me to do?

    Also I am engaged and my fiancee lives with me. We have been going to this church and have a lot of things going on there including him having some employment thru the church. This seems to be very beneficial for his well-being and I am just wondering if this is going to fit well in his life as well?

    We have talked about getting married in May but I feel that it will not be that soon, maybe a few extra months.

    Any thoughts on this? I really don't know what to do!! I need a job and this is no doubt making very good money for my family. I also feel very certain as long as the company is in business and has been for 9 years now that I will always have a job. I currently admire the owner for letting me know so much in advance, normally stuff with in the company doesn't happen like that as of course the owners are always afraid someone will leave. I am proud of myself for doing such a good job but do I continue on with this company, move my kids, my fiancee and our dogs do we just stay right here and me find a new job?

    Please help me!




  • Dear Sandra,

    I feel you should do the move without your fiancee, unless he can get a job there and be a positive influnance in your life and equal partner. The job feels good to me and you will rent a house that is by water. You will be very happy there and just may meet a man that is in business himself , I hear a strong R in his name and he is so jolly and laughs a lot.


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