Who can have an I-Ching reading for me?

  • Im having a crush on a guy, and it seems probably that he is in a relationship, a need to have a reading to guide me. Perhaps it is time for me to move on somewhere else, or is it not as what it seems to be, there is hope?

    I wish to received more clarity on what I should do, what situation am I in? Thank you~~

  • I don't know of any experts here who "read" with I-ching but has a Love I-ching option.

    So far, I've found their computer generated readings mirror the results you'd get tossing real coins or sticks and it's completely free.

    Before tossing/clicking on the virtual coins, meditate for a while on this statement: "Please give me insight into my relationship with _______ . "

    Whatever result you get, take it at its word. Looks like you've been shopping around for different answers the past few weeks on the same topic. The more you ask, the more confused you'll get. If the issue is that urgent, best option is just to talk to the person rather than guess at intention.

  • yes, tenchi is right, i use iching sometimes for myself to get answers but I am not and experienced reader for other people....

    But i know how it feels to be confused.....I will have a little go for you....tonight and see how it relates to you....I use the two coin method which is said to almost be like the yarrow method.

    I'll toss one hex for you with the question....what does confuser need to know about her relationship with x (x being him)

    Will log off and do that now for you...but I think you should have a little go yourself. Iching can be really helpful when someone is very confused but not to toss too much otherwise it gets worse.

    x x xx

  • hi,

    I attempted a readig for you please keep in mind I am a novice at reading for people and iching is very intuative....

    the coins I tossed revealled hex 14 changing lines 1 2 3 and 6 changing to 16.

    my interpretation...

    Hex 14 ya yu possession in great measure/noble presence.

    the image of this hex is....THE IMAGE

    Fire in heaven above:


    Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good,

    And thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven.

    The fire in heaven above shines far, and all things stand out in the light and become manifest. All things come to the man who is modest and kind in high position.

    This hex can deal with material/spiritual wealth also. Having /recieving. also it sometimes refers to behaving at the very best you can do, behaving in an unconditional way and receiving great blessings from heaven sucess!!! I think that the success promised by it are ones that are achievable through soul-searching, that desire to be the greater person and to act from there.

    I think this hex perhaps means this is something you've ve been giving great consideration to. This has been possessing you in great measure ie you've been thinking about this alot?

    changing line 1

    No relationship with what is harmful;

    There is no blame in this.

    If one remains conscious of difficulty,

    One remains without blame

    from this I feel that you have not actually had any relationship with him, or nothing has happened.you have a bad feeling about this and you are aware of this. you are perhaps dancing around this issue. or perhaps you know there is a problem but are avoiding your gut feelings. it could also mean that let go of these stale thoughts, that are harming your state of mind. it is difficult sometimes to let things go and you could be struggling with but its okay and this is natural and don't be hard on yourself and your priority is to protect yourself and keep yourself out of harms way!!!

    line 2

    A big wagon for loading.

    One may undertake something.

    No blame.

    The big wagon, which will carry a heavy load and in which one can journey far, means this can mean people there are at hand able helpers who give their support and are equal to their task. one can load great responsibility upon such persons, tie tell them how you feel off load some of these worries? it could mean taking a trip with friends? or it could mean friends can shed some light on the relatiponship issue for you? someone that knows him?

    or it could mean perhaps this man is someone you need to ask involve him? and he is the able helper he can help you? is he someone you could ask for help? ask him to clean a car lol if you take it literally.

    but equally it could mean perhaps that he doesn't know anything about your crush? and a loaded wagon has to have somewhere to go? a wagon of emotions? so if you like him does he actually know about it? it could take you to wonderful places? an idea is good but futile if nothing is done with it if that makes sense? so do you want to tell him (if he doesn;t know)Clarify where you are, and what you have, and how this enables you to travel onward in the loaded wagon with what you want. Hold a vision in mind of where you want to arrive, and set out to explore.

    Line 3

    A prince offers it to the Son of Heaven.

    A petty man cannot do this

    Give in a way that accords with your ability to give. Too much and too little are both wrong. But make your gift warm and sincere, don’t use it for showing how great you are yourself. It is not the gift, which matters, it is the mind of the giver. A great mind gives a worthy sacrifice, a small mind cannot give, no matter how much he presents.offering up to the son of heaven is a pure sacrifice.

    it could mean offer this situation up to the powers that be, this is hard but you are a strong person. giving without setting your eyes on a goal or return.

    It could refer to him/you perhaps one or both of you can't share or give share? being possessive? your obssessing over this too much? give it up? this line can also be assciatied with sharing wealth/riches what one possesses like a chain? is there an excahnge between you two? or is the chain broken? unconditional comes to mind? is there much sharing going on? sharing without expectation?

    line 6

    He is blessed by heaven.

    Good fortune.

    Nothing that does not further.

    To bless means to help. Heaven helps the man who is devoted; men help the man who is true. he who walks in truth and is devoted in his thinking, and furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by heaven. He has good fortune, and there is nothing that would not further.

    For me this line not really about action. much more about you've put the wheels in motion of something, behave honestly without thinking what is in for you. (leaving pigheadedness behind or is this him? is he arrogant?) but heavens way is generally going with flow letting things unfold go with the flow honourably kind of thing without losing dignity. and all will be well you will be blessed by the powers that be and all truths will come to you in time.

    it can sometimes mean that perhaps you are being prtotected by heaven from something that might not be right for you if you have already set the wheels in motion and he is not responding? but it does mean that someone is looking out for you. 😉 so don't feel sad or upset or confused everything will work out for the best though sometimes at the begining it can seem bleak.

    the resulting hexagram is 16 Enthusiasm

    the image for enthusiasm is

    Thunder comes resounding out of the earth:

    The image of ENTHUSIASM.

    thus the ancient kings made music

    In order to honor merit,

    And offered it with splendor

    To the Supreme Deity,

    Inviting their ancestors to be present.

    sometimes enthusiasm is shown using an elephant.....Inspiration needs big images.

    They don’t have to represent big things – even out of something small one can make a big idea.

    An elephant surpasses human size, it carries people and heavy weights, it can move about immovable things. Only an image of more than human size can sweep along people.

    Touch the elephant first: is it real? It might be a dream, or someone might try to cheat with a virtual elephant. But if it can really carry the things promised, then it is the means to surpass the borders of an idea or existence that is only-human.

    elephants huge power?

    so from my novice point of view and I have never thrown coins for anyone else before and my novice attempts at interpreting, this is what I feel,

    You have been giving this lots of thought, (this has been possessing you in great measure)....nothing has happened between you two, but its okay for you to feel confused as you have a bad feeling and all this thinking is driving you mad which is only natural, so don't be hard on yourself. considering from the reading I think you have not had any kind of connection, it is perhaps a good idea to either talk to the man himself ask him for help over something connect with him. or mutual friends....which will shed some light on the 'relationship issue' you are struggling with. maybe even go away the wagon could mean transport of some kind, do you have a trip coming up? with friends have a break and discuss all thats been going through your mind. Don't have huge expectations...go with the flow, if no exchange is happening maybe he is unable to give you anything and is keeping everything for himself? is he possessive? secretive? Just look after yourself and be the best you can be with unconditional motives don't lose your dignity behave honourably go with the flow and all will be okay in the end even when now it is bleak. the relating hexagram enthusiasm can mean perhaps you have been over enthusiastic? going overboard on this, is he really worth all this energy?

    this is my take...

    hope it helps i know what its like to be confused.

  • wow... forevervirgo it really was a great help, anyway it seems he doesnt have a galfren, and i draw a new reading which is 13.1.4 and i already posted in this forum for more interpretation by others. really thx for your kind help >.<

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