Reading urgently Needed for my health and sanity

  • "Daangala, I am confused because he says why dont you stay and see what happens. May be we leave together and may be not, see what happens. I said I cant wait and see because I feel he is staying around to see what happens with his ex (who is also in a relationship). He says that I am completley wrong in my assumption and he does not want to get back with his ex. When asked why he lies about his whereabouts when he sees her I am met with silence. I said if he continues to lie he will push me away and his reply was, that is a possibilty. I said no, a fact. What if I am totally wrong and he is telling the truth? "

    "see what happens" is the usual line a man who does not want to commit or is being selfish uses. This is all up to you. Are you willing to wait and see "what happens" and waste your years with a man who is not worth it? or do you want to take control of the situation?

    He is not telling you the truth and your intuition knows it. You know the answer to this issue and what needs to be done. You know that nothing will change but still keep wishing and hoping. Why? Does this man treat you the way you deserve? Honestly? Does he? There is no need to move to another city, that will not solve anything because the minute you meet another guy the cycle will start again. Your thinking needs to change, your beliefs about yourself needs to change. Your confidence and self esteem needs work. All these things need to happen before you are 1) able to leave this loser and 2) able to attract the right kind of man into your life.

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