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  • Hi MissBeth,

    A while a go i had a vision of an Angel holding the hand of a little girl who died that i was so heartbroken about but the facial features looked more like an alien to me and now i hear that

    they think angels could infact be aliens i watched a documentry on the history channel as well . I was wondering what your thoughts are on this and if you could tell me what the name of the angel was that i seen and if there are any surrounding me? if it is not much trouble .I would really appreaciate your insight

    i also posted this on your other thread sorry i should have started a new thread in the first place .

    Many Blessings and thanks in advance Loap:))

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  • Thanks forever virgo

  • Dear LivingonaPrayer,

    Thank you so much for your question and for your patience in my reply. Thanks PisceanHealer for finding it for me! I sometimes miss questions because I don't seem to have luck searching on this site.

    First, on your alien question. Angels are not aliens. They are their own unique species. Why an angel may "look" like an alien in a dreamstate is that angels are androgynous. Meaning, they have both female and male qualities. Some more than others. Just as God our Father has both male and female traits as well. On the other hand, a spirit guide was in human form at some point in the past. And so if a male you may see a male in your dreams, or female as the case may be. Angels will never be any other species besides themselves. The only time they can take on a human form is if they are allowed to incarnate to help one of us. They appear, render their assistance, and then poof, disappear.

    You have angels around you all the time. When you were born, you came into this world with angels, and you will leave this world with angels. The vision you mentioned was the guardian angel of the little girl I'm told. Did you know this little girl? Or was she tied to anything you are aware of?

    I asked about your personal guardian angels because you have had them with you since birth. I am told you actually have three of them, and that they are always around you and walk beside you. They say that you have felt them brush your cheek occasionally. Like a gentle whisper of a touch.

    Your guardian angels' names are: Samantha, Leona, and Adam.

    What they most want you to know is that they love to hear from you. And want you to talk to them, either by name or in general. I have learned over the years to just say "Dear angels" because angels come in and out of your life depending on what you need assistance with. To receive their help, you must invite them in to your life and ask for their help. By giving them permission, they are right with you every step of the way.

    Angel blessings to you and if you ever want to know if angels are with you, ask them for signs that they are. PisceanHealer has a great story of when he did this very thing...and in his path were all kinds of white feathers. That is a favorite of angels! It can be other signs as well, but you have to ask before you will see them.

    Miss Beth

  • I asked for a sign today with regards to something on my mind. I got 4 donkeys, 3 crows, a handful of gulls, a magpie and a woman who stopped me to ask for directions to a house number 17!

    I love angels 🙂

  • Wow! They find signs that mean something to you...and these sound like they did to you! If I saw 4 donkeys, I'm not sure I would think they were angel signs lol. Feathers, yes. Signs, yes. Numbers, yes. Songs, yes. Coins, yes. Clouds, yes. Rainbows, yes. Donkeys? lol

  • Dear MissBeth,

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me and for telling me who my angels are yes and i often feel exactly how you describe like someone brushing up against my cheek ,with the little girl i didnt know her personally i heard her story on the local news as she lives in my state i have a daughter with the same name as hers but regardless of that she had a rare form of liver cancer it broke my heart to hear that a child should go through this it was a very aggressive cancer from diagnosis they only gave her a couple of weeks to live and when she passed two weeks before christmas my faith was put to the test i was so angry that an innocent child and children in general should suffer from an incurable illness i cryed my eyes out until i was hysterical to the point where i couldnt speak and i started breathing rapidly thats when i seen the angel and from that minute the crying ceased as i knew it was saying she is alright even thought it didnt speak a word ,it had a hold of her hand and she was smiling wearing a wreath of beautiful flowers on her head and she was dressed as a fairy . once again thankyou so much i will call upon my angels by their names now i really appreaciate you doing all this for me .

    Many Blessings love and Light LOAP:)

  • Thankyou Marc ,

    I realy appreaciate you guiding MissBeth to my post looking forward to chatting with you soon .

    Love and Light Mags:)


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