The Great War Between Truth and Light

  • Graystar I want to tell you here i am very grateful for U you give me hope and maybe one day i can to i like my smokes and coffee and sugar LOL and after reading this again something hit me crystal beads they told me about the scan and on the results it said little round sisk like all in my lungs and i never had trouble before since my lung surgery and i have had a slew of xrays since then, when i was real young i know i cant remember that far back my kids use to tell me i was older than dirt that what i know now could be true LOL.

    See poettic i read that enjoyed it the first time and read it again with different meaning and now again i read it and that part of crystal beads poped out at me so maybe it is but i have Faith in the light and what Andrea told me of living to 150 years old in this( body) and they all laughed except Michael he smiled real big and Andrea told me our bodies would be changing .

    Now let me give you a little hope of this ,i am like a kid in the candy store so excited but i can not tell you but i can tell you this i know how we will be and our bodies and it has already been told on this forum think in terms of the Lion laying down with the Lamb could you lay down with them with out any fear could you and if not then why? Would you ? Would you like to lay down with the lion and the lamb ? There is also a added bonus to be able to walk threw the Gates of Heaven anytime just like it was walmart LOL I need some help here i cant remember his name but in the center of Heaven when you go threw is a fountain a golden statue of the guy bent over trowing a disk i can not remember his name so if any of you could help me ,but around the fountain at the bottom about i foot out is a path around the fountain it circular around it but it has all kind of colored gems some the size of footballs encased in pure gold and when you walk on it it is as smooth as a baby's bottom and it is about 3 ft wide and in this vision the gates are open all the time but there is a path leading up to it now here is where you will find your answer remember what i said about the pieces of the puzzle and yes i could tell you but it would not do you a bit of good. Think about the duck put the puzzle( together.)

    Now aren't i mean to tease you like that, but wait this not about me this is your life and being together as one ,one mind with many Hearts guided by the one of all .

    Now all you light workers and light warriors here is a riddle for your answer How do you guide the many if you can not guide yourself if you take a path into the woods what do you do if you get lost ?

    When you can answer this you will know !!!

    Now please don't hate me LOL make it a game like they do here !! Love Ya Tooter

  • Thanks Tooter, I love these kind of puzzles. Best way to teach in my opinion is to get the students to really think about the answer.

    Love and light to you my friend,


  • If you follow your heart, my dear friend you can never get lost. Thank you for everything. As i slowly (well irritatingly slowly !!) wake from deep slumbern new and exciting things happen every day. And i don't have to lift a finger (which is good because i'm lazy lol) I now know all the pieces of the puzzle are right there in front of my eyes, i just have to open them to see. And rest assured, it is happening. I finally came to understand there is a reason behind everything and tasks to accomplish. One thing leads to another, vague thoughts focus and become coherent, a path unfolds. A path that is for me to walk and for me alone to find. The answers i seek are there deep inside me. Once i find them, i am ready for the next step, and then the next until i hear the call to arms. That would mean Boot camp is over. The Mission starts. Again, thank you all.

  • As for the statue, it must be the Discobolus (he who throws the disc) i should know, it's Greek haha

  • I was thinking of Apollo for some reason. Okay, I'm half brain dead with this cold, but lost in the woods, how would I get out, backtrack. I don't think I'm lost at all, I know the Universe cannot be rushed, took me a year of Meditaion to get this far, I keep asking them okay what's next? I'm gonna find out the meaning of the symbols I'm seeing. No this is fun.

  • @Seehorse,

    I started a thread with your name on it 🙂

    hello spunkyyyyyy one feel better


  • A thread with my name on it ?! Oh...i don't know what to say...? (is this how actors feel when they receive an oscar?!) Ummm...i am honored THANK YOU, thank you SO much duuuhh (is this a joke ?!)

  • haha lol, no...i'll bump the thread so you can except the award...lmao


  • Some new riddles to guide you on your journey and Andrea has already told me i wasn't nice then she said i am kidding LOL and pray for the ones in Japan i hope they got the warring in time .

    First riddle

    1 Open your Heart and mind to the one ,one mind with many Hearts to the one of all HOW ?

    2 Do you live to die or die to live ?

    3 What does the circle and the statue represent why would it be in the center of Heaven ?

    4 If we are one body what does many Hearts mean ?

    The next one is kinda hard to see and experience but when you answer this one and the others and you will know your path and you will never be lost and this is the hardest one so forgive me and believe me you never know when or how quick you could be in this situation it could be tomorrow but this is very important and my Heart is with you and i will feel your pain but your not alone.This is as hard for me as it will be for you !!

    5 What would you do and how if you were dropped into the middle of the devastation and death happening right now in Japan ? Think long and Hard on this

    Now i have to prepare and do some work With all my Love Tooter

  • Oh great ! At the end of an extremely busy day, i return home, help daughter with homework, put kids to sleep, wash dishes, at long last time to relax, only to find i'm in for a pop quiz ?! Yeah, thanks alot Tooter ! Jeezus......

    Anyway, let's give this a try um, do i get a help from the audience ? Just kidding...

    1 First be humbled, transcend your ego, then experience LOVE. For yourself and the whole world which is NO easy task

    2 Only the ignorant live to die

    3 Everyone has a task to achieve before granted entrance to Heaven. If you cannot fulfill your destiny, well sorry !

    4One ocean, many drops of water

    5Learn japanese, marry japanese heifer BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH sorry, couldn't help myself !

    Well, Help anyway i could. I have experienced an earthquake, and people under such circumstances need a strong, calm but determined person to organize and guide them well yeah i would try to be that person (akira,look a stoopid gaijin haha just wtf is he sayin?!)

    Whew ! Now i need a beer......and a smoke too !

  • Hey Sea horse, Your too funny lol-

    Just thought id say hiya, and pop in. Havent said hello yet. Love ya Bee Xx


    Tooter Some interesting questions. Love ya Bee Xx

  • Hello AngelBee so nice to meet you !! (so many nice people here....all this sweetness is going to give me diabetes) you know, MyJourney opened a thread with my name (more sweetness..yay!) so this poor thread can retain some let's invite everyone, have a party and go absolutely crazy !! haha a loonie thread, cool....

  • Cool, ill join you there, and say hiya, i did see it but wasn't sure which thread to post in :O) lol

    there is many nice people here, Which is good for me too. i hope your enjoying it so far,

    Bee Xx

  • As you can see, i'm having a blast lol

  • heheh- 🙂 I posted on your other thread. 🙂 LOL its fun here, and though sometimes can get a little carried away, with the big discussions.

    Bee Xx

  • 🙂

  • This time difference is really annoying.....i'm on a roll and you are all sleeping... HEY !!! WAKE UP!!!! Let's have fun huh ? On second thought it's a really wonderful glorious day and i sit in front of a PC typing horse$hit. See ya !!

  • i think someone needs to get their a.s.s to bed hahaha...goodnight,seehorse...and good afternoon to me and good evening to others, yes these time differences are very confusing....

  • Hmmmm.... where is Tooter ? After i showed up here, messed up this so serious thread he vanished.... he didn't even give the pop quiz results ! And now RC is taking a day off......guess i'm a true fire horse after all, destruction everywhere i go hahaha

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