The Great War Between Truth and Light

  • thought it was french....googled it and found a movie called Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!

  • Ga*y

  • Hahaha so this works now i can write any dirty word i want yipeee

  • Burn in H*ell !

  • Perfect.

  • thinks the therapy might help... hahahahahahah rotf lmao...i'm in need of a good therapist...

    hope you know I'm just kidding

    Namaste Seehorse


  • When Tooter gets back here and sees what is being posted on his thread i'm sure he'll need therapy lol where do you find all these funny images anyway?

  • @Seehorse i'm a picture horder plus i steal them lol

  • Yes, she does!

  • In which part of Vancouver do you live MyJJourney ? Not the street, that's personal information !

    Just the suburb. I really enjoy using google streetview, about a month ago i "visited" your city and took a virtual walk around some wonderful suburbs. You know, when i win the lottery (not if..) i must know where to invest some of my millions. (Need therapy AND vacations, i know....)

  • Seehorse What would life be if we couldn't have fun ? Boring Boring Boring its about balance and enjoying life, not just enduring . Seehorse a heifer is a a virg*in female cow who is ready almost for the male .

    I use to show calves and livestock and you try to pick the very best to show and we also showed heifers and you pick the cream of the crop to show other words the very best ones and they have to be in looks and stance and production to their breed hence the term a good looking heifer LOL

  • Tooter I think I went a little nuts with your Vision and the Revelation Prophecies, sorry! 🙂 I got so excited, read another vision today too but would have to get permission form the guy to post it.

  • Welcome back bro! Glad you're not mad at if you'd be so kind, i posted something on page 2 which i would really like you to read and share your thoughts. Thanks

  • Honey you post what ever you like this is not my post every thing i wright and say is for all and Poettic think about this if i read something to day and read other things also and i reread it but this time it is different why ? Because my perspective has changed so has the understanding of it that is how we grow in knowledge and understanding and to denie that we stay in ever lasting ignorance and ignorance is lack of knowledge and if we close or mind and Heart to it we have also closed it to change. Then we wonder why my life is not changing

    Seehorse i am not mad why would i be if i get mad then something is wrong with me and i need to look at it ,do i get mad ? You da*m right but i have learned threw the years how to manage it better sometimes LOL and that most of the time anger is a stopping point to change for the better and can lead to resentment and that is like stalemate for me it is deadly its the one thing that can cause me to take that first drink and the fear of death does not phase it at all ,i died a long time ago now i still have to have maintenance just like anything if you want it to work properly you have to take care of it .Sometimes anger helps me to help me because it pushes me in the direction i need to go when i had been procrastinating on it and as long as i do not cause harm in the process and if i do i have to make amends for the harm done but first i have to see from what it stems from.

  • Thanks Poettic Think about this

    There are 36 circles in that diagram

    The first four the outer ones are 12 steps are for personal recovery of self

    The next set inside is 12 steps of service to others

    The inner are 12 steps of service to the first 24 steps and combined to 36 for all mankind and The World with ( ) around the first 12 for the main reason of how can i help you if i can not help myself

    Now there are 12 months in the year 365 days in our calendar

    There are 36 steps of service starting with our self and all having principles and values to live by

    Every principle is about finding truth within and putting that Truth into action from self to others and to mankind.

    Messages from Father by me ,Only Truth and Love will survive in the new World

    By the first 12 steps we learn to forgive myself and learn to love me and to understand where my wrongs are and how to get ride of fear that has blocked me from the sunlight of the spirit or Truth

    The next 12 steps is we take the Love we found for our self and we use it to serve others and it is all guided by truth of self we found in the first 12 steps using the same principles we learned in the first 12

    The next 12 is of service to the world guided by the truth of self followed by action and to apply this in all our dealings with mankind together to make 36 steps to be a guiding force to serve God and mankind and the world

    Now re read what and how it is to be built Heaven and it also says there is where God will dwell with mankind but only Truth and Love can enter the gates of Heaven those pure of Heart

    There are 12 zodic signs and a gem for each one

    Gold represents the most value here on earth in Heaven it says with streets made with gold

    Now think in terms of what would make Heaven be so great and the guide force of all ?


    And God will dwell among us, in us and threw us he is US one mind with many Hearts guided by the one of all that created all

    Think on this let your Heart and Mind open

    Love Ya Tooter

  • 🙂 words of wisdom and knowledge tooter, can take you a long way. and that certainly has helped you. i have read all your posts, i seem to get hooked lol, I enjoy them.

    Love you, grandpaw hehehe, been thinking of you lots lately. Bee Xx

  • You see you helped me to seeing i haven't see in a while and i needed to and every time we read it it has not changed but we have Think on this where would i be if i had not become a alcoholic ? Where would you be if you had never came here ? Remember what i said about the puzzle if i put your piece in how would it help you? If i do for you what you can do for your self how will it help you the next time ? Seek what is real what is allusion or false !!!

    Is God real? Is spirit real ? prove it !!! is Andrea real ? Are you real ? Prove it !!

    Now what i have found about life but based on a ideal there might be a God who can help me cause every thing man has available has not helped me but a group of people who do certain things got the help they needed and it is ongoing and i has worked for them so just maybe it could work with me ,there is the IDEAL,based on that thought i (come) to BELIEVE that just maybe ,maybe it might work for me based on that one IDEAL of thought i don't take a drink that day and i learn from the ones who have several days then weeks then years ,so the next day i do the same and i am more open based on the success of others i have see and low and behold it has been 30 days .

    Based on that IDEAL taken and put into Action i have accrued a little Faith and that faith has carried me for over 26 years .With it i found God not just any God a God personal to me a power greater than any man could be ,i came to believe threw others because something did for them that no man could do for me ,today i call Him Father for me to believe in him i had to be comfortable with him not fear him or feel like i had to be perfect ,if i had a father what would i want him to be like ? Do i fear him NO can i say anything to him YES does he judge me NO so when someone says i am not spiritual or i shouldn't say that or i am nuts or its all fantasy .

    Now for 49.95 for every week for the rest of your life you can get this complete history of how to succeed in life with money and cars and women doing you ever becking call for eternity and for 49.95 you get our complete satisfaction for the next 99 year with a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied after applying this and using it for 75 years LOL

    I have seen a lot get lost in the power of self cause they forget who brought them to the dance and they wind up dancing with every one and every thing except the one that brought them and i have also myself gotten lost in it .I serve my Father and by serving him i serve you and if i treat you bad i am treating me bad and Father well my grand kids are here time to play Love Ya Tooter

  • Seehorse To answer your question read the above we have to clean up our own house before we should help clean someone else s ,other words we get rid of the things that is blocking us off from the sunlight of the spirit but even before that we have to believe, in what you ask? that is what you have to figure out on your own but you can start by others belief is every body in the world wrong ? As far as i was concerned they where about God so i had to find a power greater than my self cause i could not change me i had tried every way i could think of ,so i had to find a power greater than my self to believe in and it started from a few who had done what i could not do and it grew by tooth and nail . Direa is stronger than you are don't believe me put the urge off see what happens LOL You will probably get results like messy pants that you didn't want LOL

    Can you think your paycheck in to being with out working for it ?

    Few chose to go to the length i have because they didn't have to unless there was a situation in their life they could not live with and they become willing to become teachable and there are some here that have had to the same as me our very existence depended on it if we where to have any kind normal life .

    But now every thing is changing even for the true believer every thing is being questioned .

    If i am going to fix something the first thing i need to believe is that i can and the second is do i have what i need to accomplish the thing i am fixing to try and fix and do i have enough faith in my abilities that i can fix it and if i can answer yes that is Faith but it does not mean anything if not followed by action and by taking the action low and behold we fix what we set out to do and we have accrued more Faith in our self based on this process we did and we do this with every thing .

    If i do not have the knowledge then i need to get it, all the knowledge in the world does not mean squat if it is not put into action, that is the Principal of Faith with out works is dead.

    Its not about change its about how we respond to the change like the old duck story if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck swims like a duck probably is a duck but look how many resist the change WHY Every body wants their cake and eat it to.

    I will add this Mother is disgusted and she is fixing to give one h*ell of a learning experience to mankind doubt it how do you feel today ? Do you have a feeling something bad is fixing to happen ? Well you would probably be right and the people in Japan aren't to be heading to high ground and even then i do not know if it would be enough .

    See there are those who suppose to be warning the people over there in that part of the world but they got lost in the power of self and what others might think of them if they were wrong !!!

    Ask the Japanese people if they would of welcomed a warning before this happen ? That is why i say search your Heart i have given here and it is a choice what path they take goes back to the duck LOL What does your Heart tell you ?

  • And for those who say there are 13 zodiac you are right Father in the middle on the left hand 6 on the right hand 6

  • Wow Tooter that was intense. Poetic you have given me a different way of looking at something old. I turned in early but awoke from an odd dream or vision. I was doing something with my crystal, my daughters and soul mates. Then it was like connecting the dots of some kind of light crystals. Woke up before I saw a shape or the overall there were just a lot of them. This is really the first thing I've seen since around the bad feeling. and sorrow about something happening and a few days later the events in Japan happened.

    I quit smoking again after this last bout with bronchitis and flu. Father wants this cut away for some reason and I prayed for him to help me stay quit.

    Love and light,


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