Trying to put my finger on this cancerian male

  • I'm an Aquarius(hence my forum name-- it's spelled backwards) dating a cancer. All is fine and well, and I must say we are two people very true to our astrological criteria.. we've been "officially" together since about eh.. March? Yeah, March. Casual Dates from January up until ya know, now.. or then I mean. And now as well! In some sense I have quite the difficulties really getting this man. As nonsensical as this may seem, I get him but I don't get him. Maybe a better way to word it would be that I try to understand and can grasp some of his lunar ways.

    This has been said a thousand times, but Man! is he ever moody. I find myself holding back a lot when he spirals into a quick snap of unnecessary tension, and lately it's been really annoying me. It's common between us to have itty bitty disputes about a load of nothing, and I'm not sure if this is a bad thing. Nothing major, just a brief lunar snap from him and a fleeting annoyance from me. The stranger part of the strange is that with this guy I have insecurities... for NO reason. Insecurities as in about the longevity of us. I have absolutely no reason to feel these things. He's very loyal, and I do trust him. If anything, given my gregarious tendencies, he may be the one to feel these icky emotions. But that is a nut I haven't cracked. I'm not sure if I'm just cold and push him away, or if I'm paranoid. He came after me persistently, and after a few outings I was much obliged. I don't think I've ever met a fellow quite like this one. And hell, maybe I just haven't entered the stage where it's all protective and entirely prioritized.. not to say that it isn't a priority. It's just.. I'm trying to find what I'm getting at. Just as with 99.9% of people who have jumped in on the ole' relationship wagon, he's been hurt. Cheated on. Yada yada. And I do wonder, but most of us do hold some invisible barrier when having been hurt, if this is delayed our progress. It's not really a matter of that either, because I don't mind moving slow.. I like to enjoy my journeys! But it's just, at times, and maybe this is my nutty self speaking, I feel just there. Does that make sense? More and more lately I've noticed things about him that he does directed toward me that appear to be a "hey, I think I'm falling for you" gesture. You can just see in their expressions, you know? I'm merely afraid that I've turned him into a half thawed icicle for being so adamant on my independence. For example, a group of us(including) him were out and about and he suddenly started playing with my hair. I was flabbergasted! So happy that he touched me. He does touch me, or do the "normal" things and all that but sometimes I feel I'm just there, as I've said before. He doesn't ignore me, and we always converse when out and about.. but ugh, there is something so peculiar about it. Help me.. if ya can!

  • Read the other thread "Cancer man and he is confusing." That will help understand these guys, or at least it did me! I had to learn to just be confident in myself and trust my Tarot readings to get where I am with my Cancer.

    They can drive you nuts, but once you know how they feel it's worth it.

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