Need advice; Libra female dating a Libra male..

  • Although I am a libra myself, I have never really encountered male libras in my life.. until recent.. I met him on a dating website.. anyway we met once in jan, and about 2 wks after the first meet he got weird, and was a complete A hole to me out of now where, and although i liked him, I never txted or called him after that.. so about a month later he txted me, and gave an excuse saying he thought I was dating numerous guys, etc. and that is why he acted like that.. not sayin he had a right to be an A hole but I sorta understood, anyway I allowed him to take me out, and on the 3rd date he finally got a kiss, and I have made it clear that I want a relationship out of this, and he just answers with "i just wanna take it slow and see where this goes, I like you and I have fun with you" and at this point when hes saying things like this, he at the same time is trying to have s e x with me.. so if he wants to take it slow, why have s e x???? and I on the other hand, wanted to wait, and he knew that as well, but that didnt stop him this past wknd, from seducing me.. now we have been dating altogether like 2 1/2 months now, and hes taken me out numerous times, so it isnt as bad as it seems in my head, but how do I prevent this relationship from flatlining into a booty call situation??

    And why is he soooo complicated???? is this all libra men, or am I the lucky indecisive libra that got this one? He is so confusing to understand alot of the time..

    dont get me wrong, I like being with him. Him and I think alot alike, which is a good/bad thing.. he likes it bc I can call him out on everything, and I like it for the same reasons plus more.. we get along great and have a lot of fun toghether, and i feel like I can trust his word, but just like any other person in the world I have been bacly hurt, and am soooo scared to trust.. ahhh im sooo confused, please someone help.. 🙂

  • oh and I cant believe I forgot this part, he is really selfish at times.. like he is the only person in the situation, its so annoying. and than he can be really sweet.. I just dont get it..

  • Am not a tarot reader sensualLibra but I too am seeing a Libran male (I'm a Sagi). Know EXACTLY what you mean about selfishness. He is soooooooo self absorbed, thoughtless, inconsiderate and totally selfish and yet as you say there is a better nature to him. Like you we get along great. We've been seeing each other for 6 months but there is NO commitment from him whatsoever. Sometimes we go for 1.5 weeks without seeing each other and have only spent 2 full weekends together. He doesn't believe that weekends should be put aside for 'us'. He also doesn't understand why after all this time that we should have elevated another level since we first met! Huh!!

    So even though I'm no help to you I can empathise and hope it gives some small comfort knowing you are not alone

  • "And why is he soooo complicated????"

    This is complicated because you are going against your instincts and against your nature.. you are not listening to that little voice in your gut. By asking how to prevent this relationship turning into a booty call situation you are answering your own concerns. You will have to tell him what you want and stand your ground otherwise he will take full advantage of you and your weaknesses. All that aside, is this the type of guy you want? Does he deserve you?

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