Depending on Others for Happiness

  • 2 weeks after my friend started a relationship with her current boyfriend, I told her "Remember, Don't depend on him to make you happy. You should have your own joy that is created within". But no one ever listens to me. She openly admitted to me that she did the exact opposite. Now, when all of our friends are at a sleep over, she constantly texts him. She engages in the activities but it's not the same. When he doesn't text her back, she becomes really sad.

    This brings me to my point: It's better not to depend on others to make you feel joyful. Sometimes you will come up very disappointed and no one likes being let down.

    Being a person who likes to see/make others happy and being an empath, it's hard for me to not feed off of people's sorrow your joy. I am learning though, that you can't depend on others.

    You have to let the sun inside you radiate or you will get cold long winters.

    Follow your bliss.

    Follow the sun rising over the horizon.


    Sierra Reese (Reesey_Reese)

    PS. I put my full name because it makes me feel special. 🙂

  • Very nice and wise.

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