Do I have any reason to worry?

  • I wrote this same question in the Psychics forum, however I cannot help feel that it might be a good idea to post my question in this forum as well.

    Anyways, my ex moved with his boss from a different area in Mexico (that was quite dangerous) to a more safer place farther away but in the same country, which would be Baja California. He told me that he would contact me within a week of getting all settled in. However, I have not heard from him. This Wednesday it will be two weeks since we last talked. I am very worried and feel sick about it. I have talked to his family in Mexico as well as his brother who lives a few states away from me, and no one has heard from him. It is hard because my ex did not have a cell phone or any way to contact me (or anyone for that matter) right away due to not having that much money.

    Is he okay? Do I have anything to be worried about? We are making plans to see each other this year, in June preferably. It is like a reunion, since we have not seen each other since 2005, and we are very excited about it as it has been such a long time! Do you see this happening? Do you see us getting back together at all?

    If any more information is needed, I can certainly give it to you.

    Thank you so much.

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