Would like your insight/advice please

  • I've been thinking of my ex over the last few days and in doing so I have been overwhelmed with profound feelings of sadness and loneliness. I've been told I am clairsentient, which I am still struggling to accept/come to terms with, even if it does explain my entire life to date! But, I came to realise that these weren't my feelings as I am mostly very happy at the moment and certainly not feeling lonely.

    Anyway, I have recently found out that my ex's best friend passed away suddenly last week, and I know this has devastated her. Now my emotions are in a mess. I cannot concentrate on anything, particularly work. I am dwelling on our past together, and I have conflicting feelings about contacting her.

    I think my intuition is telling me no. She was the one that cut contact with me and I'd be doing her a dis-service by not allowing her to get in touch with me when she is ready to. Furthermore, my intuition is telling me that these aren't entirely my feelings. Once again, I am picking up on hers.

    We haven't spoken since the beginning of January, but I really miss her friendship. I desperately want to be there for her, especially since I don't know if she has anyone else but her mother to turn to. She has never been able to keep many close friends, the one she had is the poor soul that has recently departed. She was with another guy last I heard, which further supports my feeling of "don't interfere" right now.

    Still, here in my confusion I don't know what to say. I don't even know what to ask. I just feel so sad and alone.

  • Hi sweetie

    I think u lack a proper closure. Did you at all get a good deep explanation why she didnt want it to be you 2 anymore? or was it just a thrown line like u n me no go im gone bye?

    I strongly feel its a sort of cleansing phase for u, and that u somehow need a proper closure.

    Maybe you need to talk with her to find out, where did you go wrong with oneanother, so that neither of you redo the mistakes if there was any. Sometimes couples simply grow apart, yet a proper closure is important.

    i hope i helped juss a little


  • Thanks CWB. I think you are on the right track, it feels like something is left to play out between us. In the end, we were bringing out the worst in each other. I was actually the one that ended it. We did agree to be friends, but no sooner had she moved out than she cut all contact with me.

    It's something that had to happen though, I had become very stale and depressed. So in a way it has been a very cleansing experience. For the most part, I am doing very well on my own. Everyone says I look and sound healthier, I feel great about myself and am very hopeful about my future. Especially with regards to a career.

    Maybe it's her that needs closure?

  • Dear PH,

    Hello my friend! Angels are telling me that you have a lot of love in your heart for not only your ex, but people in general. And that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your ex, on the other hand, they say does not. You are feeling her sentiments, but they are her sentiments to have and own and handle in her own way, in her own time. Give her this time and space. Send her all the love and healing you have towards her. The Universe recognizes your intentions. Her spirit will receive them. And talk to her angels and highest self. Tell them everything you want her to know. And they will send her the messages. She isn't near as intuitive as you are, but divine guidance is rendered all the same.

    It will do your heart good. It will send love to her. And when she is ready...on her terms...you will reconnect. You do not have to be present "in person" to send love to someone. We are sending it to you now and you are receiving it. And so it goes with her. Forgiveness. Love. It links your spirits together for eternity. For you have learned many lessons for just having had the wonderful experience of knowing her. Angel love to you."

    Angel blessings!

    Miss Beth


    Are you a Poet? You glow with creativity! As if you are artistic in many ways--could choose between the arts. I always see a little girl beside you when I read your posts---there is a very childlike energy surrounding you. The gift of unconditional heart. You have a childs heart. Spirit says you earned this lifetime not to have to be a fighter. Karma earned. Children and gentle things flock around you. You are drawn to the healing arts but it demands too much from someone like you. You bring peace into the room. You can be timmid--are a watcher--you do not mind being alone---in your own thoughts just observing and watching--people both fasinate you and disapoint you. At times you fear you are too sensitive for this world but you never wallow in it long---you are like a child in that way how children live in the moment and change moods quikly and forget bad thoughts--you love to "play" Again the child quality. This little girl I see with you is always close--A second energy but in the distance is a male energy--a quiet older man--he too has a sirene energy but also is very much a protector--calls himself a soldier of justice. He has no fighting intentions but is just there watching over you. This man has white hair and stands a little hunched over but was tall once. He shows me a black car--one of those old ones--looks like thirties or forties. He keeps saying car---a connection with you. Also mentions a job wish list---he is laughing. He shows me a fat cat--golden. Now he shows me a river two men fishing---there is a special place on a river you know about. When you are feeling too much he pulls you there. This man has a very bright energy. You are lucky---very strong bright lights surround you. This is a good year for abundance----coming in unexpected ways---a lot of little lucky breaks that start adding up---you could win money this year. You could also aquire a few new pets! Spirit advises to watch your health---more water. And a possible allergen your unaware of but have a feeling about--trust your suspicions. Again--spirit says pay attention---a problem you have been bothered by off and on is in your diet. Also, I'm being shown feet--with worn out shoes? Spirit says be kind to your feet--you need them! Carots? I'm being shown carrots and the letter A really big. Singing, this is something good for you---it really energizes you---keep that up. A voice says go ahead paint the furniture--I see a piece of furniture painted very free style--creative--spirit says go ahead--paint like a child. I'm being shown a boat with your name on it----and stones--lots of stones. You love stones and small things--acorns, feathers--love to pick up small things. You think of it as Art--get ideas---you like to put things together---fix things pretty again. You collect art---anything hand done--call it rescuing. A gatherer and giver. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Miss Beth. I awoke today feeling angry and frustrated with Spirit, or just angry and frustrated in general. Once again I am reminded that my angels will never fail me. You are a blessing and an inspiration Miss Beth, thank you once again from the very bottom of my heart.

    Blmoon; just wanted to say , you are a truly amazing individual. You have a beautiful spirit 🙂

  • PisceanHealer---I always see a man with jet black hair---shiny as raven feathers when I read your posts. I see a lot of black around you--but not in a bad way--as if you are drawn to the color--as a water energy. Spirit shows me black--it even shows up in your little logo! You have chosen a challanging life meant for ultimate enlightenment. A free spirit confined in body--your challange to balance---heaven with earth. A big spirit wishes to fly in big ways--often turns inward---this is not good for you---getting lost in your own head. You are attracted to relationships---one in particuliar that allows too much for that--you know that yet crave it as it has it's out temporary gratification--a fix---but in the end like any addiction does not feed the soul so there is a lost feeling---a feeling of disconnect. The relationship that haunts you is a shapeshifter union. A mirror into your shadow side that brings to the light a reminder of your before birth committments. The element of compulsion you feel confirms the --in the planets--connection. There is a planet on your end that connects with her---that's the plus--but there is a big communication roadblock on her end that fights that--spirit shows me--tug of war. That's the energy that dominates between you

    you see from your feelings---she sees from her head. You can either balance each other OR it is the great divide as despite the attraction element you two are very different in how you communicate. You look inward--she looks outward---everything happens outside her---she doesn't see her part in anything or believe in energy attractions---you on the other hand see the world as a fluid place--that water again---you yearn to know the meaning connected to everything that happens to you as if you are responsable. I see that raven haired man now---he is native american---he is a constant in your life---he speaks to you in dreams. His calling card is always a feather or an animal encounter out of the ordinary---you get these alone---something special you apreciate. You are very sensitive to energy and can sometimes take on emotions that you do not own---you pick up your x's emotional state. Often, your dark days are really outside energy. Spirit says your challenge is energy management. You need an outlet for this spirit you have that craves to fly---find that vehical of release. You have creative talent and should use that. Mostly, you must find release---a way to serve---create---spend energy--otherwise it turns inward---becomes depression. Also, when you think too much you can imagine the worst---you get past it but it's better if you just don't let it go that far. Because of your physical limmitations you really need to get creative about finding constructive ways of channeling your big energy---Eagle energy--fly high. You need a goal---Spirit suggests making realistic goals---a list--you can scratch off--in sight---it will feel good---so you can see the good and not just think about the things you haven't done--be kinder to yourself. Also, since you are very connected to native american energy you can apreciate this advice about cycles--spirit says you must respect cycles--seasons---the moon--the retreat times the busy times--know your cycles and respect that---you hate the lull---get impatient--fear spirit has left you alone. You would make a great teacher--in a smaller capacity---be great at a nature center---educating on nature--you are an excellent storyteller---should keep a journal. Through others--you could see your great eagle energy fly---if you can find these yearning others to fly with your energy your life will find it's purpose. Avoid relationships that tie up your energy in unproductive ways. Spirit says you already know all this. You are lonely and have been for a long time--your x is only a quik fix. You were born to give--but it must be a productive giving. Find that worthy cause--release your passion---let your big spirit fly. This next month--May--is a crossroads for you--the raven haired man shoWs me two faces--says you will expierience past meeting future. So expect something of your old self to reapear and startle you---BUT be patient and don't think oh no I've made a mistake as the future a big opportunity to a new you will also apear--spirit says you will feel great excitement--then fear--tempted to not leap but trust the energy---be brave your guide says---all good choices at crossroad times come with a fear element---otherwise we all would leap up to a new level. You will be asked to do something new--different. This new direction will make your summer move fast so be ready--keep your energy in check---and best not to be giving it away to outside distractions. Spirit shows me a new love interest in Dec---Christmas will be specialy important in a good way. Next year--particuliarly Feb. will be a whole new cycle for you---It will be a job yet spirit says it is more than a job---you will being something rewarding---your bliss. Right now--you are in the lull before transition--respect this season---guard your energy---avoid looking back---sending energy into the past---this is a retreat---get strong get ready time---you are tempted to cling to the known--that is normal---but next month offers you a new future. Your guide has honored me with a howl howl! My totem--the wolf howls back! BLESSINGS!

  • Wow. Thank you so much Blmoon. There is so much information there for me to digest, but I already know you are spot on. I'm already starting to notice all the black in my life and in my belongings 🙂

    You summed up my relationship with my ex perfectly - tug of war, what an apt description! What you say even confirms a message I have had from my higher-self, that we can share a great love for each other, but if we don't work (really) hard at it, it will end in bitterness.

    You are also right about her thinking with her head, she blames everything that's wrong or absent in her life on everyone and any one else. Even our failed relationship was all my fault. She takes no responsibility for her choices and her actions, though she does believe everything happens for a reason.

    And yet there are times when I so DESPERATELY want to make it work, to find a balance between us because I know she can give me that balance. It is my biggest challenge in life presently, letting it all go. Would you mind giving me more insight into this "shapeshifter union"? What commitments did I make before I was born? (Interesting you said that, there are times when I feel I have made a sort of promise I shouldn't have. A promise I cannot actually keep).

    I will provide more feedback for you Blmoon as things start to sink in. But for now, thank you, you have given me hope and inspiration.

    Oh, there is one question I feel I should ask. The name Claire has been popping up in my life. I can't remember the exact age when I first noticed it, during my teens I believe. I was drawn to the name, strongly attracted to it. Still am in fact. Then for years there has been nothing until this year. A couple months ago the name kept appearing in front of me everywhere I looked. It's diminished in frequency and strength now, but still appears from time to time.

  • Claire is on the horrizon---getting close---Feel she is the Dec. girl---but not sure that name is hers now---as she is your next level shapeshifter--if you make your leap next month this will keep to the timing for this year. Claire may have been a past life name--but Spirit shows me when you meet her there will be a sign and the name will appear somewhere with her. I'm off to work will answer your shapeshifter question. BLESSINGS

  • Thank you for answering so quickly Blmoon. I now have a big grin on my face as you have confirmed many a thought/feeling I have had this year, including the past life name and a knowing or seeing a sign so I'll recognise it's her. 😄

    Regarding my new cycle next February, I came across the number 34 back in November and I knew immediately that it was to do with my age and when things will start coming together for me. I am 34 next February.

    Again, I must offer my sincerest gratitude, your replies raise my trust and faith in Spirit to a new level. Blessings to you Blmoon

  • ALMOST OUT THE DOOR! Thank the spirit who came through for you as I am just the messanger---know that you are well guided! Even when it doesn't FEEL like it--such is the passing weather---seasons and cycles. It is easy to have faith when the day is sunny---faith comes to test in the dark. You are safe. BLESSINGS

  • I appreciate the message and the messenger Blmoon 🙂

    Bit more feedback for you; Prairie Dog has been turning up in my life, in the cards and on the Internet earlier today. Prairie Dog's medicine is "retreat", which goes to reinforce the message you gave me about respecting cycles. I guess I still need some "me" time.

    I have an odd question for you. Well it seems odd to me! I feel like I already know "Claire", but have we actually met in this life?

    And is there a Canadian connection? I must admit, a good friend of mine, a psychic friend, told me that my next love interest would be Canadian. I only know of one Canadian woman and thoughts of a romantic relationship with her provoke a very strong negative reaction in me. As if instinct is telling me "Absolutely not!" (Not to imply she is a bad person, she is a friend and a confidante actually.)

    Thanks Blmoon. Love and light 🙂

  • I'm still on my morning coffe--afternoon for most! The canadian thing--for now is just impatient distraction to fill the lull time. Look forward---everything is on the horizon--including Claire. Remember spirits advice about the discomfort of the transistion time--the retreat time---it has two faces---we can fill it with past thoughts and questions or we can quiet our minds---trust in the wonder of divine surprise and use the retreat time to be ready for the crossroads. So retreat time means--gather balance and energy so you make a wise choice next month and have enough personal power to fight temptation. In a "nutshell" avoid drama---don't create it or latch on to others'. It is a bad habit that hates the lull so creates energy to fill that. Prairie dog! How nice! HOWL HOWL----time for writing down thoughts---keeping a journal---if it apeals to you record an audio of your thoughts during very quiet times. It will reveal your own wise counsel. When writing do not censer or anything no matter how silly. That is what Prairie dog tells me. Record thoughts right now---it will serve you well through the next leap. An the Canadian girl---My image comes up as deep forest connection---I see a national park connection---a guide thing---actually it comes to me like the earlier image of YOU being in that energy---a nature guide--specially with children---I get the spirit images sent but try not to connect the dots and let in MY head. Still--spirit advises not to busy your mind with these questions---take this gift as the energy of hope---good things forward but release and trust and let the divine happen. I'll get back to you on the shapeshifter energy. It's time to start my busy day---no lull for me! BLESSINGS! And if retreat still tests you--as always---go to the "water".

  • Ooh, thanks Blmoon. Another great message for me to digest and pick out the lessons from. So my instinct is right, "Claire" and my Canadian friend are not the same person?

    I've just finished my first journal entry as well. Wrote a little over 3 and a half pages! I also live next to the sea and a water park, which I do find calming and peaceful. A great suggestion for a place of retreat 🙂

  • I am about to be very busy but owe you a post---unlike you in retreat--my spirit advises me this is a rare time for me to double up--meaning a time of extra effort will reap great things as long as the intent is not selfish--so I may be less available--my lull was weeks ago--and you see how this relates--had I gone against THAT retreat advice right now I would not be energy ready for this great opportunity so a gentle reminder--head your retreat time. Shapeshifter actually is a native american truth and you can look that up in their culture. It is a spritual union--that helps you move to the next level of growth. It is not easy--so much so that there is a comulsion attraction to keep you there and the hardship is knowing the time to split--though mostly the shapeshifter comes in and out of your life---and reflects your growth. The shapeshifter relationship changes you--the key word is change. If you have issues with protecting yourself--you may attract a shapeshifter who with a big "ouch" forces you to grow teeth---Some shapeshifters are a mirror--you share a great wound but then again there is a contradiction that creates a war in the relationship---the TUG OF WAR. All shapeshifter unions challange you to let go when it is time. That is universaly true---never easy to let go of your shape-shifter--but essential for growth to your next level. Usually it takes years to truelly see your shapeshifter truth---when you hook up again it means you have grown---there you see them and yourself more clearly--there always is a bond but the compulsion is broken. Hope this helps---but you can look up shapeshifters---a great read and many versions out there. BLESSINGS!

  • Dear PH,

    I'm sorry you were having a rough day waking up angry at spirit. Please know that all of your family, friends, and angels on the Other Side only have absolute, unconditional love for you. You are living the life you yourself helped create...and you have one goal. And that is to live it like you would imagine God himself living it. Though Jesus was not the originator of the phrase "What Would Jesus Do -- WWJD" that you may have seen around...and he himself will be the first to say that many people do things in his name which he does not condone in the slightest...I personally do that in times of frustration or when I feel overwhelmed in a situation.

    I just sit and think what would he do. You said the other day you wondered what I would tell you to do...of course in my book, it would be what the angels would tell you to do. So I do the same thing, just up many notches and think what would Jesus do. He was in our shoes. He lived in our world. And he would always always always do the right thing. And never be angry at anything.

    Each day we live is for a reason. Every day we live is a miracle if you think about it. We each could have exited before now and not even be here. You know all of this of course. But being thankful is a blessing we can enjoy with just a quick switch of our thought patterns.

    Angel blessings and hugs to you,


  • Thank you Miss Beth. It was a little bit humorous as I was angry and apologising for it at the same time! I knew that I was really just being angry at myself and I understood that I was feeling so frustrated because I have a lesson to learn.

    It's been a bit like that all throughout April so far. And it's all because of Mercury going retrograde and everything else going on astrologically over this so called Aries degree. I literally feel like I am in a tug of war, with me being the rope. I am feeling a strong pull towards my past, my old schooldays, old friends, my ex and the time we had together, while at the same time I am feeling an equally strong pull to my future. To new experiences, new friends, a new romance, a new spiritual level. Chomping at the bit is no longer relevant as there is no more bit left to chomp on! lol

    And this fear I have over my romantic life. Ridiculous is an understatement! I feel so stupid! I am in half a mind to go up to the heavens and shove Mercury so it moves forward again 🙂

    Blmoon, thank you for your reply as well. I haven't been able to find any additional information on shapeshifter unions, an Internet search turns up a lot of drivel on werewolves and fictional romance involving shapeshifters. (And I thought Twilight was bad - wowsers!!)

    Your mention of going to the water the other day was applicable today. I got a phone call from my mother asking me if I wanted to go to a lake that she suddenly remembered visiting years ago. I remembered your words Blmoon and said yes.

    Turned out to be a great afternoon. The lake in question had an old church and an (older) Abbey nearby, practically on its shores. It was very peaceful there and reminded me of an old connection I have felt with such a place; i.e. monasteries/churches/cathedrals and the medieval times. This afternoon I got a distinct impression that those days were very significant and formative for my soul's journey.

    Also the name Abbie feels familiar. It reminded me of a few other female names I have been drawn to throughout my life, like the name Claire. In fact I feel they may even be Claire's "names" over her lifetimes. More over, the thought occurred to me that me and her go back a long, long way. It was a very pleasant, happy, and comforting thought 🙂

    Love and light to you Blmoon, I hope this next phase of your life brings you all the rewards you so rightly deserve and then some!

    And love and light to you Miss Beth, may you get all that you deserve and want from life.

    (I have just re-read your last paragraph and I must say, my horoscope for today said a very similar thing about life being a miracle and just being aware of such a thing lets me spot a few more miracles coming my way :))

  • sorry for just popping in unannounced but i just wanted to Say hello Marc, and soon this will be another chapter in your book....this thread is so full of unconditional love, I'm in awe...and full of such beautiful light...

    You help so many Marc and ASK FOR NOTHING IN RETURN and I'm so happy to see you have these REMARKABLE SPIRITS HELPING YOU:)

    Sorry, again also you mentioned the Abby, when i lived in Mission British Columbia, I visited a Abby there and it changed my life i will never forget the feeling after I left such a beautiful place..

    Namaste' to all of you

    Peace,love and light



    this picture is a bridge of hope

  • 🙂

    mr healer 😉

    i been kind of following how you been doing..since I did my attempt at reading iching for you, is that terribly nosey of me lol...

    i think everything really points to that you did as much as you could re the ex it was hard on you and you put a lot of energy into in and the fall out slowly slowly things will turn for the better ....and contact does really have to be from her....

    but such positve readings 😉 for the future.... x x x x

    its horrible being confused like ur hanging like you want to reach out for someone you hold in your heart but you feel as though you can't like a tight rope. you have so much to look forward to x x mwah

  • Sheila, thank you for stopping by. You speak words of wisdom. And to be perfectly honest, since taking Blmoon's advice about keeping a journal I have felt myself looking back over this in 6 to 12 months time and thinking what the hell was I so worried about? This is a great place for me to be in, lots of miracles happening, why am I such a miserable, frustrated... Well, you get the idea lol

    forevervirgo, thank you as well. Not nosey at all, I am flattered actually 🙂 I felt that you (and hawaiianflower) were spot on in the I Ching reading. So again, thank you for that. You are of course, right about the contact as well. It is a challenge/lesson for her that I cannot interfere with. Actually, I do feel her getting closer to making the contact. Just yesterday I was feeling very nervous and apprehensive, kept having the feeling my ex was going to turn up at the door. Then suddenly, the feelings just went.

    Today I had similar feelings, kept thinking my ex is going to phone me. Then suddenly the feelings stopped. I feel that she is trying to find the courage and the means to get in touch again, but at the last minute changes her mind.

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