What/how do you feel when you're "connected"?

  • What would you say are your physical symptoms of being in tune to your higher (fill in the blank)?

    I'm just curious how others feel, it might be nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels a certain way.

    When I connect with my higher self and ask for wisdom, help, or just say hello I love you, it starts off with just feeling tingly. Not like pins and needles but like I've just been injected with caffiene intravenously. And then sometimes it can get to where my vision blurs and I feel like there is a pressure on the top of my head (forehead, front top quarter of my head.). And last, my vision goes like there is a major earthquake, or someone has grabbed my head and is shaking it side to side.

    So does anyone else feel this way?

  • I can feel my third eye pulsing really hard and have the feeling like I am looking in to eternity, my eyes are shut but I can see very clearly like they are open in another dimension. I always know when it is time to return to this level, the energy I am connecting with usually retreats first unless I have a bad feeling and break contact myself but that rarely ever happens. For the healing it is kind of like imagining somebody's shell because I don't know what the person looks like and then I see the light and colour points which need to be attended to. It is very beautiful actually and I am always very grateful that people let me in to do that, the same way that dead people allow me to communicate with them it is always a very beautiful experience. Actually I have communicated wth one live person while doing the cleansing and that was a very beautiful and moving experience too. Yes it is like listening to harp music. It is very soothing.

  • Thank you Paddi for sharing! I hope I can experience something like that too. I feel like when I'm in that space, that maybe its the next step. I just need to keep working on myself, get myself to that place where I can see. Maybe I get that dizzy shakey feeling because my body can't quite handle it yet. It sounds so beautiful!

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