Ok maybe someone can help me on this one??!!

  • Alright ive been on my job for about 4 1/2 years. Been working hard but there is no room for promotion at this job. So im back in school now bettering myself trying to land a better job. I guess what im trying to ask is there anyone that sees any type of change from this job?? I got a lot of good advice from my last post i was just curious to see if anyone saw anything particular. I also recieved news that they may even phase out the job im at now. Can someone expand on that if possible? Thanx to all that reads and responds. Be blessed!!!

  • Hi, My advice and I'm no psychic is that you'll have to work diligently. I don't know what field your in. Sometimes doing a complete turn around happens so don't be surprised. I was always told that a 2 yr degree is good but you really need a 4 yr degree. You can always do your own thing. I've been drawing sketches of people. Not to earn a living but if you do one then someone else wants one. There's probably something your good at that you could probably do. I'm an advocate of having your own business.

  • Wright, maybe this is a nudge that you need to move on and step out of this current job for growth. You are young yet and I say go with the flow and see what opportunities are waiting for you. Yesterday I received news that my supervision is changing to someone that I am not sure it's going to work out. This person and I have had problems in the past and she is controlling. I am going with the flow and if this is something that pushes me out then I am certain that something is out there for me more suited and meant for me.

  • Thank you both for your replys this really helps believe it or not!!!

  • Wright, better yet write down what you are looking for in a job....new challenges? work with cooperative co-workers? make more money? receive recogition that you worked for? Write it down and place it somewhere you look mostly like by your computer screen or bed. Read more material books, articles on manifesting. Remember, ask you and shall receive. Ask the creator or whomever you pray to to lead you down the path of what you are here to do.

  • The old saying one door closes another opens, yours sounds like timing. Can you find something in a field close to what you going for your degree even partime. I would try to get a feel for the time line when they may phase you out.You can't work on your degree worrying about your job .I would start looking just as a back up plan, now days you have to have a plan B!

  • Thanks to you all!! i swear this is so helpful to me!!!

  • I would work hard at school... if they are not promoting the position you are in then there is a good chance they will phase it out. Retraining will help you in the event that you decide you want to do something else or take a skill you have learned in this job to a new level.

  • Thanks virgogirl!!

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