Taurus Males

  • How can you tell if a Taurus man is in love? Do Taurus men lie or regularly? I am confused..

  • Meee TOO! I would like to understand better.....im confused with a taurus man that i am dating

  • Yes they are secretive yet they seem sincere. They dont discuss feelings or emotions it makes him uncomfortable. He can be hot and cold and I dont know where I stand at all. I think it is time to move on even though i am completely in love. He says he likes my company is all. 7 months of spending nearly every night together and he dosnt know what he wants? So very confusing. I see him with his ex regularly but he never mentions seeing her, so technically not a lie. if I ask him what he did toady he will tell me everything but that part. Dont know if I can keep it up.

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