I'm curious... can someone pleasedo a tarot read?

  • Good morning from sunny California #

    I have met what seems to be a wonderful man. So far I really like everything about him and we seem to have a lot in common. He is a Libra (9-30-53). I am an Aries. (4-8-59). Are compatible for long term..... what do see?

    Thank you in advance for your wisdom... ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • This is what I am sensing, you are going through some inward changes at the moment, you are in metamorphosis stage trying to free yourself from restrictions, blockages and emotions.

    His pride and impulsiveness might clash with your nature. His emotions are prone to rapid changes this might frustrate you and make you feel insecure. There is potential for a relationship IF communication stays open and both are completely honest with each other and with yourselves on what you need and want from this relationship. Communication is key and it might be a challenge at first as I sense confusion and stagnation in future. I see you retreating from this situation/friendship in future to gain some insight and perspective.

  • Hi Daangala.

    You are right... I have retreated from this situation/friendship due to his ex girlfriend re-emteringhis life after a relationship/engagement didn't work out for her. Anyways, it took me about a month to figure out his game, but now have retreated and at this point don't even want a friendship with him. He has/was a great friend until he started being sneaky and sending me mixed signals.

    Now what do you see in my future (4/8/59) and his (9/30/53) and his ex (6/16/73)? Do you see a worthy man entering my life and when?

    Thanks for your thoughts and time... ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Did you know that you create your future? Did you know that a psychic can only see things based of energy in the present and through their perception? Does astrology tell you that a man is ready? Does it tell you that he has self security and knows what he wants? Does it tell you his idea of a relationship? Those are examples that will give you any real incite into a long term relationship. Where has integrity, patience and perseverance gone? really. Believe it or not all people carry a degree of every zodiac sign. I do. Ambuguous Characteristics dont tell you anything as far as a relationship being a divine union. Do you have enough faith and self content to let it unfold and take it in the now and make the best of it. Do you believe that little in yourself that you cannot determine his qualities on your own along with what you are looking for and then make a judgement? Astro is easy, you coulnt even look up the unproven ambiguos "notes" yourself, that shows you look for an instant answer and instant gratification. That is a bit self serving. I would say from your maturity that its a no.

  • Every individual will get a different sensation from this. So whoโ€™s will you take? Every one holds chakras, all at different energy levels. You are better off going with what you feel and think but itโ€™s about time you gain some control in your life and recognize you are not at the hands of fate if you choose to grab personal power and faith to create what you want ahead of you in life. I see you are around 40.....has this way of (ambiguous advice" helped you get a divine union and happiness? Do you have that now along with confidence and sense of ability to create your desires?

    I will put you in Prayer.

  • Here is th edefination of Wisdom

    The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.

    2. Common sense; good judgment: "It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things" (Henry David Thoreau). I repeat COMMON SENSE. NOT TO DO DESPERATE THINGS.

    a. The sum of learning through the ages; knowledge: "In those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations" (Maya Angelou).

    b. Wise teachings of the ancient sages.

    4. A wise outlook, plan, or course of action.

  • Wow... Thanks for the prayer. Yes, I do believe that we all create our lives by the choices we make and follow. You have no idea about my life. I have plenty of patience and perserverance. I also have faith and believe everything happens for a reason. I am not self serving at all. I always take the others feelings into consideration first and thats probably why I get hurt. You need to take a step back and reevaluate your response. I dont determine my future on this site. I just asked a question and always evaluate the answer and take from it what I can.......

  • Well reevalute the fact that most real couples that have a relationship by 40 dont use birthdates and other bogus advice but from a professional counselor other than themselves.

  • You're someone who thinks they know it all or someone who has a lot of hate and anger in them. Your a very nasty person. The funny part is, I didn't even ask you for advise. I directed my post to Daangala. In the past I have been asked for dates of birth... that's why I posted them. Wisdom.. I have a lot of. Kind and caring are other words that people use to discribe me. You're a nobody to me and I don't need to justify anything about what I posted to you.

    I will definitely put in my prayers also...

  • Brightsmileandhazeleyes, don't waste any energy on this man and his ex. They have their own lessons to learn now. Keep those hazel eyes as bright as that smile ๐Ÿ™‚

    rapunzle444, your mind is in a very dark place right now and it is to that dark energy I speak. You will not pass here. You will not get a foothold on the souls of the people here or anywhere that are seeking advice, help, and/or healing in any form. Archangel Michael protects them from any and all harm you intend to do them.

    rapunzle444, Archangel Raphael and I urge you to follow your inner wisdom and seek out that professional counsellor you speak of in your post. Much love & light to you young one.

  • Thank you Pisceanhealer... Greatly appreciated!!!

  • The post did not say danggale". On the Title. I have every right to not believe in astrology and using birthdates to delineate a relationship. Pisceanhealler, woe onto you! A professional counselor would never support this site or astrology! That is what I am trying to stand for here. I am not angry. Its fustrating that people come on here and are ignorant honestly. The mojarity are 30 + and should go to a real counselor not this mystical astro stuff.....They need to gain self power and believe in their own Judgements. Have faith and rid doubts. Teach them how to help themselves!I cought you both, you both are seeking...counsel but you made a reference in a catty way for me to go see that "counselor I talk about"............................Really? I have helped many on here through my personal email. People who are willing to help themselves....even in the bible it does talk about bondage and psychic..anything that gets you hooked and tells you "answers" causing you to loose faith in yourself and in God. Causing you to live in past or future and not in the now....(these things are binding).......you need to live in the now to take life and create destiny.....and faith in self!

  • Really? And here I thought you used to be a professional tarot reader. Furthermore, my own counsellor believes in astrology and spirituality. She even has rose quartz crystal in her office.

  • She is using astrology to counsel you? My point is that good counsellors do not use astro to counsel. They keep their beleifs to themselves and focus on the other with logic, empathy, practicality and astute study. Used to be a reader and writer untill I discovered that it is a bondage and I now write blogs about it on websites...in order for me to "argue" it and Judge it. I must be fair and learn to understand it. I now have intelligence and the experience to make a fair conclusion that tarot does create addictive behavior and bondage. In no way have I used it for "readings"(never charged) I used to help others interpret and teach them the meanings. Or pull out a card and use its objective to pull more probing questions.I would say I am expert because of the need to study it all the way from its origin to provide facts in proving it either good or evil. I do now beleive it is evil. It manipulated people to go to it for the answers and people are spending money on it. People are constantly assessing it for their issues or astro for their relationships. Thus, becoming dependent upon it.They also Judge others based upon this "standardized profiles" that do not hold true to the real person and their oprearedness and desires in a relationship.Alot of it is contradicting; a now new zodiac sign as well, rising , ascedent, sun sign,......so we are all a little bit of everthing huh....its vague and ambiuguous. Thuis we can easily attach it to ourselves. All people have the power of intuition and clear thinking. I believe they can create more clarity in their life by seeking within and facing the truth that lies in the reality of their issues. Self confidence to make judgments and decisions is the way we start to create more confiudence within our abilities, releasing doubt and fear.Tarot does cause people, especially people who are weaker willed and do not know anything about the practice to rely on it and it creates confusion and distance from God. I have been learning and then making fair conclusions about all these "makeshift and band aid" solutions to a real therapist or counselor....even life coaches, to astro, to tarot, to psychics....non of them require much sacrifce, education, time, credentials but therapist and counsellors. I am afraid that this site is causing people to become weaker willed, confused, illusioned, bonded, and distant from their faith. I feel it may be manipulating them as well. This does not oppose spiritual faith, I feel it takes people away from good spirit to bondage and darkness.

    Just curious...based of of what I present what astro sign would you say I am?

  • Libra. You examine all the facts, read up as much information as you can find and make a cold, analytical decision.

    And I respect your opinions, even agree with some of them. What I don't agree with is you being rude to others in passing on your opinions.

  • My intetnion is to not be rude. I am never calling names, I am being yes emotionless and objective. My intention is to create clear concise clarity. Practical and logical factual. My intetnion is not to be rude, unfortunatly judgements, logical conclusions can sound that way, aka like a Judge. Judge Judy for instance but I like her.

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