• Hi all ive lost my sons glasses and i dont know where they could be as i was making sure he always put them away in the case and when i went to get them they were gone .lucky he has a spare set i was wondering what spiritual techniques are out there that help us find lost objects ? I used to have a set of dowsing rods and ive hid them from my littleone in the house somewhere and lost them as well would greatly appreaciate anyones help.

    Many Blessings and Thanks in advance LOAP:)

  • I see Coyote the trickster at work here! Losing the tools that you use to find things. LOL

    Sorry LoaP, had to laugh 🙂 But I think that's the key here. Laugh, see the funny side of things and whatever you are looking for will turn up. Or the help you need to find it will.

  • Thanks Marc i havent looked for them at all as im hopeing they will show up as thats normally what happens to me but with the glasses i dont even know where to begin lookin for them even if i wanted to . its a mystery alright .

  • A Catholic friend told me this. St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. I didn't believe her until I did it.

    Look for them and repeat this until you find them.

    "Tony, Tony, look around,

    Something's lost that must be found."

  • Thanks Sandpiper i will give it a go i will keep you posted .

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