Aquarius Woman and Leo Guy

  • I am seeing this Guy he is a leo. He claims he loves me yet he has these discussion with other females on the internet telling them he wants to hook up with them giving them his phone number, sending them invitations to meet and have a drink. He thinks this is flirting but i disagree, am i over-exxagerating, i want to beak up with him because i don't trust him, what do i do?

  • If you want to break up with him then do it. You can't have a relationship without'll make your life a misery. In my eyes I can't understand how he can say he loves you and do that....he seems to be overstepping the mark as far as "flirtation" goes and I wouldn't put up with it at all. I am married to a Leo...and yes he can be flirty, but not in a threatening way like that.Your boyfriend obviously knows that his behaviour is upsetting you so the ball is really in your court.

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