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  • hello, occassionally you have granted us the opportunity to test our ownpsycici abilities, with tests. do you have any available now, if so where do i find them on your web page or can you refer me to a web page that offers them. thanks so much. lynn

  • I took a test and did very well. I can give you one similar and let you know from low, med, high how well you did. One was based on a woman. They said not to concentrate real hard because usually psychic phenomena happens naturally--it worked. I can use me as the subject matter with certain questions they used. Let me know.

  • Hi There,

    I am new here but I was browsing and came across this post.. I would love to try the test when you have time. I know I am a empath but not sure if that is the same thing. I do visualize now but have not always. Just let me know when and where to try the test. I look forward to trying it.

    Hugs and loving energy sent.


  • Hi, this is how the test went. Try not to concentrate too hard. The test subject is going to be me. I am a woman. I will give some test questions and try to answer. These seem like pretty general questions, but here goes:

    1. How would you describe me. As thin, medium, or heavy build.

    2. Generally, I am in good health but have been experiencing a few problems, can you describe them.

    3. I love the location where I live. Can you describe the location.

    4. I am not in the line of work I studied for. Can you describe the work I'm in or studied for.

    5. Is there anything you feel you would like to add.

    6. Do you feel you need to tell me anything that might be significant to me.

  • Hi,

    This is my first impression,

    1. Your medium build but you have had struggles with weight in past.

    2.Breathing problems and sinus issues mostly.

    3.Very busy area. However your home is comfortable and almost cottage like inside. Is there trains around you? I do get the strong feeling of trains.

    4.Business stands out but you deal more with care-giving now. Not sure what exactly.

    5.I sense that your hair is different in color than what it was origionally. Much lighter now. I also feel that you have suffered a loss in the last 6 months that made you re evaluate your direction. I feel you are drawn to earth tones but love red and shades of red. Very conservative personality which can change when around people your comfortable with. Job opportunities are coming up and you should take the one that stands out at first glance. You have a day and night way about you. One person in day and totally different relaxed lady at night. Drawn to the night more. Also I get the overwhelming feeling you love cats.

    I am new to this and may be off but either way let me know. Feels kind of strange doing readings like this. LOL.



  • This is alot of fun! 1. I am medium build--no weight issues, though. 2. breathing is fine. My issue is my lower back. 3. You could describe my house as a cottage, but I'm by a big lake and the area is rural. 4. No care giving--I have been the General Manager of several businesses though. 5. I am most definitely a day and night person. Also, very conservative, but I don't push this off on other people. Cats love me! In fact, they won't leave me alone. Neighbors dogs always end up at my house. Dogs love me too. Couple nights ago, a neighbors dog was scratching at my door at 10:30pm. I wear deep blues. Red is fine. My hair color is between red and lt brown--it's natural. Your right about the loss. Had to do with work. I didn't loose my job, but I'm changing my direction.

    You did excellent on#5!

  • There is a second set of questions. They described this as an event. It's really a location. Try not to concentrate too hard. Here goes:

    1. What do you see happening at this event.

    2. What colors do you see.

    3. Is there a lot of movement at this event or is it still.

    4. Where is it located.

  • Hi Dalia,

    I feel like I might have been picking 2 different energies here. I would love to know if any of the things I posted resonates with the other person who posted here originally. (walkerlane)? The trains in particular?

    1. Charity and music

    2. Alot of blue and whites colors come to mind

    3. Very little movement but wonderful energy and spirit

    4. Stadium of sort

    This is at first glance, did not spend time meditating on it. I would love to practice more. I did feel the connection with the dogs with you as well just felt I needed to be brief until I knew I had a spiritual connection, hope this makes sense.



  • What the subject is: A coral reef off coast in Florida. Lots of movement, lots of color.

    I think your gift is as a empath. When you mention trains that could actually mean alot of things. Could possibly mean danger. Also, may be on its way in the future.

    I'm not really sure what my thing is. When I took this test I missed the body size of the woman. I got the rest right. I got all questions right on the reef. But I didn't know it was a reef. I just saw alot of color and movement. There is no way I could have expanded on the person--like you did me! I threw in question #4 & 5 because you said you were an empath.

    I feel you are a very kind person. You are searching but you are a stable, steady person.

    In my last set of questions, when you mention music, that resonates w/me. You might be picking up on the fact that my ex-husband was in a band and toured alot, also my current friend is a professional musician. I guess if your psychic that would be hard to miss and came up. My friend that is a musician only plays at church anymore, so that is probably where you see "the spirit". I think you are very good. I don't think the test questions are a very accurate indicator.

  • I just thought of something. The town I live in got its start through the railroad. Although it's not here anymore, that's how the town got started. Dalia.

  • Hi Dalia,

    I am very grateful for the chance to practice on you. I know when I spend time meditating on people I tend to see and pick up on specifics. If you would not mind I want to try something. I am going to spend a few nights meditating on you and then come back and post for you again. If it gets too personal I will use ethics and let you know I have more but prefer not to post here on the forum. Let me know if your ok with me doing that. Hugs my new friend. I do feel I have more to add. It is a pulling at my heart.


  • Yes, go ahead. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Dalia.

  • There is a psychic test on Psychic

  • Hi Dalia.

    I read your posts and replys.....and found it interesting. If I may ask......are you Wiccan?

  • Hi ShelleyDawn, No, and I don't know anything about it. I was raised Catholic. I wasn't that into it in my 20's until a life-changing event happened to me and basically the Holy Spirit came to me and told me about the Holy Family (Jesus' family). Since, I have apparitions (personal) and public (others can see).

  • I would like to hear from ADiggs, if still here. One of your psychic insights has come thru w/me and I would like to tell you about it. Dalia.

  • Hi I feel you are thin live in California and are having some problems with your kidneys. I see you with blond shoulder length hair. there is a storm..quite strong that you might want to prepare for, no not a hurricane just the kind that knocks out the power for a few hours with strong winds. I think you are in real estate but your passion is for social work or working with children.

  • I'm rather surprised that I was spot on with the questions Dahlia posted. Especially the second rouns... lots movement and excitement, lots of coral reds, blues and yellows... then I hear it's the coral reefs in Florida. 😛 Geezus.

    I've always had a slight talent for being able to astral project and sort of "see" things and people. So it makes me happy I could sort of pick up on a few things... I haven't gone rusty yet, apparently!

    🙂 Cheers.

  • Hi Cougar, Yes, I'm on the thin side but don't live in California. I've had the health problem that you stated, but not in a long time. I have longer reddish-blonde hair (actually past shoulders a bit.) There has been a twister thru here about 6 years ago. But, I have had the same feeling. I have worked at a Title Company as a Title Secretary updating abstracts for an abstractor. I have worked in a Law Office. I have a degree in Education. Want to open my own business. You are very good. If you think you can pick-up on anything else, let me know. I have met a new friend that is very special to me.

  • I hope I can get a response to what I saw when I did the test. Set 1: I saw med build with auburn-like hair(red-tones). Problem with the hip/leg area; location up north area(cold). I guessed a study in a business field, and I saw houses. I did see a house like a log cabin/cottage(wood based), but a horse came into the pic. Is your complexion a med tone(perhaps a tan)? I saw a country-like scene. Are you a grandmother?

    I think set 2 I was totally off because the first thing that came to mind was patriotic colors, slow movement and an area that reminded me of Main Street in a town/city.

    Please Dalia, give me some feedback-tytyty.

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