Maybe not the right spot? Health insight pls

  • I've been having recurring stomach issues for over a year now, nobody seems to be able to pinpoint what's causing it. It just randomly comes and goes. I got to thinking that maybe it's something karmic, an indicator of something I can be doing to repair an event. Can anyone do a reading, or maybe give me an idea of what I should be doing?

    I've been full of questions lately, thank you for taking the time to help me. I truly appreciate the wisdom I've been pulling from these forums and from the help I recieve. I hope that I can offer something of value to others here in return. 🙂

  • Hi.....

    6 of swords + Page of wands + Knight of cups.

    You have problems with blood system and something look like violations of the lipid metabolism of the body caused of non useful food or stress you suffered before. So that any voltage or over-eating and your blood starts to move through the body not useful substances but toxins and you feel stomach issues. Knight of cups proposes you to eat more vitamins, keep a diet and avoid of stress situations.

  • Thank you so much! I am coming out of an extremely emotional/stressful time, so it's just aftershocks I suppose? Brought on by my over-eating? I know I tend to eat out of boredom rather than hunger, mostly at work. So, by reigning in my useless excess I can let my body heal up from the stress?

    I'm doing a 30 day cleanse, hoping this helps get the garbage out so I can start fresh. I think I'll try drinking water, when I get the urge to snack, instead.

  • Have you ever looked into a gluten free diet? For some people, this isn't the answer... but it's hard to tell unless you've tried gluten free for a month or so (if positive changes start occuring, longer!) but that is the source of a LOT of issues you wouldn't think... Failure to thrive, depression, IBS, fibromyalgia, LOTS of stuff... I was having mini strokes or TIAs for a couple years before I tried gluten free and now I'm TIA free! For some, gluten inhibits vitamin absorbtion which puts a huge toll on your body and mind! That 30 day cleans is a good idea... but don't be afraid to include fresh foods (not processed or refined) such as fruits and vegetables... seeds and nuts! Natural fiber, protein, and water is much more readily absorbed from these foods! Not to mention the amazing antioxidants that will give you energy... If you aren't accustom to eating these kinds of foods it may not sound too appealing... but once you feel the difference in your body, it's SO worth the switch for health!

    I'm no doctor or dietician, but I've had to study about this stuff for a long time because of my own issues.

    Good luck, LittleBuddha!!!



  • Gluten free? I don't know much about it, but it seems a difficult diet to stick to. I'll see how things go after the cleanse, if it flares up again, I'll give it a try. Especially if the cards say I need to stick to a diet, it might mean more than stop eating cookies and chips. Hmmmm, but I LOVE MY BREAAAAAD!

  • hehe oh and Thanks Angela! <3s to you!

  • There is this awesome gluten free bread that Udi's makes... Not as cheap but it's become my favorite.

    Just a thought, though! Fresh foods are better for you anyway 😜

  • And plenty of water to flush out your liver.


  • I bought a Japanese cookbook, full of everyday type recipes. When I eat sushi, my body feels so good afterward. It seems theyre doing something right, I always see the Japanese mentioned when it comes to longevity and healthful eating. I like eating more fresh foods, its work thats my downfall. Its so easy to grab pretzels, sandwiches, heavy not fresh stuff. But yes, a lot more water for me, and the extra effort to eat fresh!!

  • Hi LittleBuddha.

    One professor the University I studied told us: "Remember, all disease come from nerves ... just only syphilis comes from pleasure"... :))))

    There is even separate science is studied dependence of the concrete illness in certain part of our body from the certain mental problem we have in our head.....

    When we in a bad mood or worry about something we feel our verves are look like stretched string, we feel issues in our body. Our blood is not able to spread oxygen well... Everything has blocked and press our body.

    At the same time we try to compensate our bad mood with something tasty...

    Sometimes it is not bad.. the matter is how often we use this method to relax and what way.... we can just eat and do not think of amount of what we eat we just want to take a pleasure and no more... For example watch the advertising movie of any chocolate.... Tender model just bite a small piece of the chocolate and then she is die for 5 minutes from pleasure... ))))

    We need to do the same... Just to bite a little piece and try to think of taste... to make our pleasure long lasting but not only to make our stomach full. it has the same effect when we chew food thoroughly..... And sure .. instead of piece of cake it is better to eat an apple or orange any fruit you like... Healthy food pleasure is important too.

    Another method to avoid of stress or make its punch weaken is to learn to breath correctly. If you can not sleep you will be recommended to count to 100...

    If you feel stress is coming make deep breathing. Several times....

    You need to go to Yoga classes for example... they learn the way to make correct breath.

    When we breath blood transfers oxygen to our brain quickly and you are relaxing... You feel there is not too much bad things in your life because your brain begin to work easily... And sure blood that is moving more quickly influence on your metabolism positively, oxygen speeds it up... You should not worry you eat something non useful before... Everything will be kept with blood.

  • Thank you Elisive! Definitely good things to remember throughout the day. It all makes sense, really. I've finally released all the stress, naturally my body is still going to suffer after effects of being under that stress for so long. For some reason I figured, "Well I'm not in that situation any more so why is this happening again?" My body just needs the proper to care to heal up correctly. And apparently I need to do yoga, this is the second or third time now its been mentioned to me. OK Amazon, show me a yoga video! hehehe

  • Hi LittleBuddha. It is very nice to hear you think so positive and I am sure that everything will turn for better for you. Just love yourself and care your body and everything will be good. 🙂

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