What sign loves capricorns

  • im 47 and good looking , wealthy , good grown kids and great mom. it seems im always in trouble ( my dog,tickets,nieghbors dont like me,or the police watch me) but i try not to be. the friends i've had were true and honest but they have died and then their brothers came around and were not friends but users. after many years of this i moved away from them and now i am a loner , i guess i always was a loner but the friends i've had kept in touch all the time. it just seems odd cause i am nice and help all people when i can and dont help for attention , i'd rather not be known that i help out. so whats wrong with me , is this my life as a capricorn or do i attract trouble. also my love life was full at one time but now its zero, im confused.....

  • Yep, your a capricorn.

    I don't think anyone likes us, we're too real and no one likes looking in the mirror. It just irritates the heck out of them.LOL

    Ok on a brighter note, I hear we get along with Taurus and Libras. I'm married to a libra and while it is not always smooth going and they are so freaking picky about the smallest things, we do think alike most of the time and at least on the most important issues. (One of those pick your battle kind of things. If its small and inconsequential just ignore it)

    But if there is a next time, I'm looking for a Taurus. LOL

    As for the trouble, I don't know. For one, loners and independnt people are not trusted by others as they can't figure you out. They can't place you in the order of things and again, it irritates them. Eveyone wants to know where everyone else stands so they can file you away under the right heading only you don't fit any of the headings. Your an inigma. So I guess in order to stay out of trouble you have to be cautious and attend to details, but then we're good at that sort of thing. I guess thats why it is one of our traits.

    Just thinking out loud.

  • thanks , you made me feel better and laugh - gonna try a Taurus lol my ex was Scorpio and sorta mad at me all the time but loved sex . she's why i made alot of money cause i never wanted to go home and worked instead..... tc, thanks again

  • Your welcome.

    And if you find one, let me know how it turns out.

    Capricorns get along with each other too, but only as friends separated by distance, as we rarely have the time to keep up on the relationship, so distance makes for a good excuse for not getting around to see each other and we don't have to keep wondering whether or not we pissed each other off.

    Good Luck in love and everythig else.

  • personally I always fall for a Capricorn man

    or capricorn ascendant, or a Saturn dominant

    there is always something formal about them that tickles my curiosity

    they always dress formal and I always feel the itch to rip it off and feel the skin beneath

    I never back down when a Cap gets mad sometimes that is what makes them look sexy

    They want to look successful and sometimes they are

    but I am more interested in seeing them bare 🙂

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