Very worried

  • This is kind of a follow up to a previous post. My sister's landlord wants her out today but she still has nowhere to go. I am very worried about what will happen to her and her family. Can anyone help?

  • Is there some sort of issue of loyalty here? Is your sister being loyal to herself and to her goals? Is she desperately clinging to the present situation out of a misguided sense of loyalty?

    I get the sense that her own issues of loyalty have not only created the problem, but is now compounding it. I also get the feeling that the only thing she can do is to "retreat" from the situation and let it play out.

    Doing so will let your sister and her family get back in touch with themselves, their goals, their ambitions, and their dreams.

    Sorry if I'm not being too specific here. I just get the feeling she needs to "go with the flow".


  • Your sister will be fine---you are seeing her situation through YOUR eyes and taking on her burdon. Trust the process---celebrate that YOU do not have to worry about that kind of situation because that is not where your life is. She is passive---so life bounces her around--there is a helplessness energy that holds the family captive--stuck but their is a big picture here----and she will be forced to go into "survive" mode and help will come--in one step at a time--there will be a scary time--a fear for losing her children but it will end well---get her out of her stagnation--depression. This month will be a 6 month cycle of related growth for her--but help is coming---she just doesn't know always what it looks like. She has trust issues--abandonment issues so this really as awfull as it looks will be the beginning of a very healing time--as she will be touched by the un selfesh caring hearts of others where mostly in the past she attracted "users". She will connect with a church and a new energy will guide her. I'm not saying there will not be continued crises these next few months but that each will be solved. If she receives the help given--the seed is planted and her situation will be more under HER control in six months. Spirit says--take care of YOU---enjoy your moments---it serves no purpose to worry. Give this one up to something higher--believe it--and say thank you. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks for the comments. My sister is now and has always been a pretty negative person. She has been homeless before and come close to losing her kids. They are adults now so no real worry there but she never seem to learn from her mistakes. I think she just has to live in turmoil running from 1 crises to the next. But she is my sister and I love her. I will try not to worry so much.

    Thanks again my friends.

  • Soon as I read your post I could feel your energy has lightened! Good for you. Sometimes family members--including children must cut the chord before a person can truelly start from nothing. This is where your sister will be forced to begin---so if at times you feel her problems are too much--listen to that voice. It will be a very hard choice--but loving yourself--saving you is worth it. We all come into this worl--related or not---with our own personal journey---your sister chose her life---you chose yours and together made an agreement before birth. She in a round about way is helping you grow in spiritual ways----their is a lesson---that will heal and enlighten you both if you keep your choices backed by spiritual truths--love and nurture yourself--do not let fear steal your power or your moments. No one nows which moment will be their last---and you could miss your own path--turn in the road---while your too busy caught up in her life. I think you really get this---it's just a very hard place to be---the good news is whenever we do the right thing--the universe always backs us up! BLESSINGS PS--because your sister's issue deals with being reached--hearing--letting good in you can try speaking to her before sleep either directly see a chord connecting to her head from your head for advice or from your heart to hers for truthful feelings---or you can speak--in prayer--directly to her guardian Angel to speak to her as she sleeps--they WILL deliver your message to her sunconciouse--try this regularely this six month period---it works!

  • Thanks again Blmoon. Good new is she finally found a place and should be moving today. I will try your suggestion and see what happens. Blessings

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