• May I have some of your time and energy to tell me anything about me and this persons relationship?

    Mine; 2/19/94

    His; 3/4/69

    I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

    We are in love with each other regardless of our age difference.

  • You are romantic and dreamy, optimistic, tenacious and supportive,hypersensitive and a selfless giver.

    He is jaded, disillusioned. he gives in to temporary pleasures no caring about the consequences. There could even be a drug or alcohol problem. He is prone to addictions and compulsiveness in future.

    You have the world in your hands, the future looks bright for you. He CAN have a bright future but doesn't believe it. he feels burnt out and bored. He will need assistance with his issues to make a go of the future. You will fly away once you realize he has the potential to hold you back but not for a long while as you are still in la la land about this man.

  • Thank you for your response Daangala. I appreciate it, even though what you said about him saddens me.

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